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Resort Hotel Bay Story cheat world: you're late. Try to be more punctual next time. Family should help each other. Here you can also learn the harsh realities of the hotel business first hand. I hope you'll like it. Unfortunately, nobody has taken care of this hotel in a long time. I barely have time for the housework, and i also need to take care of my crandchildren every day. Oh, to be young again. We have to put everything in order and replace the tiles.

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To start, you need to remove the weeds from the hedge. Unless, of course, you want to start selling tougs of an abandoned ghost hotel. Then need to replace the windows in house. These old ones are completely useless - they're about to fall apart. It's been a while since anyone stayed here. I think the windows in both houses need to be replaced. Otherwise, no one will want to stay in them. Everything around here is so old.

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To help with the hotel, you need to complete levels and get story keys. To complete the level, you need to collect as many items as the quest says. If you place 3 items in a row, they count towards the target. Continu collecting items to complete the level. Frost wave bomb - activate it with double tap. Frost wave changes direction every turn. Use it to create the most effective explosions.

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If you combine 5 items at once, you get a double ice cream bomb. It is much more powerful. You can also activate the rocket by swapping it with a neighboring item. 6 items in combination will give a huge ice cream combo bomb. Ice cream mix - move it to the desired object and see what happens. To get such a booster on the field, you need to explode bombs or hack cheats code. Ready for tournaments? Keep playing and unlock tournament and exciting prizes at level 30.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: in hard level, we need to clear grass from the playing field. Keep clearing up the grass and all will be well. Try to construct a bedroom for tourists to stay. Build or upgrading facilities takes time. You can easily speed them up with diamonds or hack cheats. Tourists pay you when they visit your facilities. Income can be increased by building decorations or using items. You can also build decorations nearby to increase the quality.

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Tutorial Resort Hotel Bay Story (wiki): if you keep on building new facilities, sooner or later you will run out of space. Expand your resort. Become the new android manager on your private beach. Dive into an intriguing story and start transforming the area to your liking. Open stores and bars, renovate your garden and decorate tropical locations. Thats the end of training. keep on improving your resort and remember to visit me sometime! See ya soon!

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