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Over technology was found on the planet grouse, and people decided to call it the cube. The results of the studies on the cube have enriched the lives of people living on Grouse.
But hundreds of years later, the cube eventually created a non livable environment as environmental pollution became worse and was hard to recover from.
Many scientists Resurrection Girl had developed techniques to prevent environmental pollution, but they concluded that the environmental pollution on grouse had progressed too far and would be difficult to recover from.
Eventually, in order to survive,the people of Grouse decided to abandon their own planet, use cheats codes and began to search for a planet where life could survive. Grouse put people on several ships, known as brounders, to explore space in search of habitable planets. Years later, in 2045, objects with over technology were found all over the globe.
Humanity Resurrection Girl called the objects hack tools “artifacts” and began studying the over technology. Through research on the artifacts, human civilization developed rapidly. For the preservation of civilization and a better life, humans continued to make backups of the personalities of people with outstanding abilities from all over the world.
One day, decades after the discovery of the cheat code artifacts, Earth was suddenly attacked by the people of Grouse. After 30 years of rapid development, there was a huge power difference between the humans on Earth and Grousians.
Nevertheless, humans Resurrection Girl did their best in the battles against the numerically inferior Grousians, and the humans seemed to win. Then one day, there was an abnormal rain that fell simultaneously all over the world. Unknown phenomena occurred around the hack tools artifact storage areas, causing people to fall one by one.
Humans lost ground as they escaped from the Grousian’s attack and the “rain of death’ And evacuated to shelters built around the world to store the “cores”, containing the backed up personalities. After several studies, humans found out that the rain of death was a chemical attack caused by Griuse using cheat code artifact. However, Resurrection Girl were unable to figure out how the people of Grouse could live in the polluted atmosphere and were forced to continue hiding in the shelters. When the raind of Death began to fall, the Grousians stopped attacking. No one knew why they stopped the attack.
One a day without the rain, a respirator was developed so that humans could be active, but only when air pollution levels were low. Still, no fundamental solution was found. Eventually, humans came to the conclusion that it was difficult to gather information, fight, and research through humans and the exiting hack tools. To solve this problem, one of the shelters, resolution, started a project called Resurrection Girl, whose goal was to develop a new android using cores. With the new android, developed through the resurrection girls project, humans have been able to act on the ground. Using the backed-up personalities, humans have been able to gather information, fight, and even research.

Resurrection Girl cheats, hack codes

1. [E:{sIrg - average
2. [Wx9%Kw" - room points
3. Enter n%s0/%WT - speed up
4. Pass t"xQZNa} - legendary cards
5. lP;=+{Em - level up
6. Enter K}"m.M=_ - winning points
7. ) - off ads video
8. ;8TfSO5- - diamonds
9. I[B*,NIX - gold coins
10. ooZ?7+.n - PvP point
11. we-X=x>J - worker SC-01
12. ]>+krlQ_ - BOX
13. H_7KL/E№ - gems
14. %E8tk4VK - hearts stamina
15. EfQ}_d}I - artifact
16. z(qY{3!v - game coupon code

Controls Resurrection Girl: before the battle begins, deploy our main and sub-building. Building placed as main buildings will gain more strength than sub buildings. First, deploy the main building. When you hack the main building, it automatically places the sub-building in the remaining locations. To win the battle, you must destroy the enemy's main building.
To use a card, as much as the coat shown on the card we need a cost gauge. You can drop the card on the lane you want. Tha main building has a shield, so it's hard to destroy, use cheats codes. Destroying one of the auxiliary will remove the shield from the core. The main building begins its activities when attacked. Even if one of the sub-buildings is destroyed, it begins its activities.

Hack tools, Resurrection Girl, battle basics:
Units cards can be placed within six spaces of our building on each lane. The area in which cards can be placed increases by 9 spaces when the enemy building is broken for each lane. The battle proceeds with a combination of cards, cheat code that the user has.
If you fill one or more spaces in the special gauge, you can use the special skill. When the special gauge is filled with one or more spaces, using the displayed unit consumes the special gauge and allows you to use the special skill. Special skills Resurrection Girl consists of offensive (unit attack, building attack) and auxiliary (recallation, weakness, slow, stun, etc.) skills.
If a portal is installed, the unit that was moving towards the eenmy building follows the portal. Move to another lane. If there are too many units in one lane and it is difficulty to respond, one option is to use hack tools, second - is to use the portal to distribute the enemy across the other lane. You can remove installed portal by using the portal where it is already installed.

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Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. When the PvP is finished, the score changes depending on the result. Matching at PvP is based on this score. Items can be acquired according to PvP scores in records/rewards on the main screen.
  • 2. To produce room points, you need to place a room in the production area. First place the power room. When you apply the shelter, a passageway is automatically created between the rooms. SC-01 is automatically placed in the room where the passage is connected to produce room points. The shorter the passage length of the room and power room, the faster the room points are produced. The higher the user level, the more room points you can store. The acquire button is activated when the required room points are gathered or use cheats codes.
  • 3. The acquired cards are available for combat and the acquired data chips are used for card upgrades.
  • 4. To arrange a card in a deck, first touch the card you want to organize in the list of your cards. Touch the information (upgrade) button to check the information of the card.

Resurrection Girl Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
1. *zk=kSZvM:1>f_.
2. F]PAnOaeWw/s]V\
3. 0Ujrh1wJ)a3;=4?
4. \bUD?BhS1\.M!QW
5. 0-qxza]roz*9B*l

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