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Retro Bowl Game story: you are about to start your first season as the head coach of a pro football team. The path to success in an arduous one but if you believe in yourself and can insprite your team then glory awaits.
With just 1 week left in the regular season Pittsburgh have appointed guest player as their new head coach. Player has worked at the college level for several years and was excelling as the head coach of maine before taking the reigns at Pittsburgh.

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Your home screen - you can tap on the devision table to view division table to view divisions and the schedule. When you are ready tap the F. Office button. From the front office you can upgrade facilities and staff. Tapping an “I” icon will bring up useful information. I’m sure you want to meet your players so let’s check the roster screen. These are your key players. YOu don;t need to manage the entire roster, just take care of these guys and everyone else will fall into line. Tap on a player to open his profile.

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Profile - here you can view player details and attributes. keep an eye on morale and condition. poor morale can lead to game penalties and problems off the field. Low condition can lead to injury or worse - fumbles!
Before we head into a game let’s go over the basics for controlling your players on the field. First up, passing. Drag your finger in the opposite direction of the running receiver to aim, then release to throw. At the start of each play you can hand the ball off to your running back by tapping the blue circle.
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Swiping up or down whilst running will perform a side step or you can swipe back to slow up. You can also run with the quarterback. YOu do this by attempting to throw the ball backwards. Once he is running you can swipe forwards to dive. Diving can help you reach for a first down or touchdown. It also protects against a fumble! Finally, kicking. Two well timed taps and the ball will fly through the uprights.

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Units: cleaner squad is a weaker unit under the empire camp. Most of the time the empire will only ask them to do some simple work, like plundering the poor.
Buildings: main base - is the command center of the whole city. Its level will impact the level and number of other buildings in city. As a primary defense target, its safety determines the battle result to a great extent.
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