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Hack Return to Asgard: cheat List
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Month Card x1 - lsR8Nf7cO
upgrade - XDhz9hAQQ
daily gift bag x10 - 0YlwVC0lw
secret combination - yKj1euzbZ
level up - LohCcNvr6
gold coins - dFHIjON8j
shards - QnaOXm92o
VIP 15 status - eD1itI6sp
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
Brave warrior, welcome to the best game you have played. Top panel - this is the action order of all units. The selected target will have arrow marks. Our health (HP) bars are at the bottom, enemies are below their feet. Heroes have up to 2 sets of normal ATK and skill. Let's try the normal ATK. MP is consumed when you use skills. Rage fills when you hit or get hit! Finish with your rage skill that appeared! Using rage skill depletes your rage bar.
Return to Asgard Hack Basics
Before saving the world, let me show you how to upgrade skills. Heroes may two sets of skills after unlocking second class at level 20. Activate the skill set to use the set's skills and talents. Upgrade skill cost coins, which you earn from monsters, quests, alchemy and free login rewards. Max skill level is based on hero's level, so upgrade your skills after level up. Tap upper right corner to return.
Each chapter contains multiple stages to be completed before facing the chapter boss. To heal a party member when needed, tap on their avatar. Restorative skills and potion are usable when a party member selected.
Hint & Tips
1. Tap on any enemy to switch back to attacking skills
2. A treasure chest - find a way to connect the starting and end points on the chest to open it. First of all, select a block you want to move. Move it to the new position.
3. Tap on the change button to equip your new weapon.
4. Enemies and encounters are different every time you play a stage, so repeating is also fun! You can tap hold on an enemy see their skill and weakness.
5. When multiple heroes have full rage, tap on another avatar ASAP to create a rage combo that awards extra damage.
6. When you use first hack tools, you will receive extremely valuable bonuses below: hoards of gold coins, silph's ultimate grade weapon, gems.
Guild race
A new guild race to save Midgard has began! Points are rewarded when the guild dungeon bosses are defeated. The top finishing guilds will be rewarded awesome weapons, pets, and soulstones. Participate in the guild race and save Midgard from the invasion by defeating guild dungeon bosses for your guild!
Hack tools Version
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date19 October 2020
Last Modified19 October 2020
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