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Cheat Revenge of Empire Last Sultan hack android, ios code

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Hack Revenge of Empire Last Sultan: cheat List
alliance gift x10 - use hack ifSU7BnV7
gold x3,000 - enter pass VkhuNKiRm
resources x1,000,000 - 8TjOWoOTt
72 hr speed up x50 - t3S5kqj3g
honor points x300,000 - CMvQ2zTbJ
diamonds x70000 - 8FCe8VagV
Month Card x1 code - 5ZJ4SSYdC
upgrade cheat - QeMbSMOFq
daily gift bag x10 - 7FofDvPhT
secret combination - UXeNNMSsv
level up - sdyhEy0zQ
999x troops - fTCgylRli
coupon pack - 406VDZuA1
special reward - eKWNJKSjs
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
The invasion of a large number of monsters, destroyed our homes, but can not erase out fight against the belief in survival. Resplendent civilization will be reborn by fire! And you, the new Lord, will lead us back to glory. The dragonite vein is mysterious, if brings us wealth, as well as misfortune. Fortunately, we have beaten back the monsters, but we still pay a heavy price. Under your wise command, my Lord, we have lost very few soldiers, and we have secured the vein. Fortunately, the soldiers have found the horn in the vein.
Revenge of Empire Last Sultan Hack Basics
We must build the road first to build the buildings. Let's repair the roads that have been damaged. Build a worker's hut, so constructions and transformations can be carried out. Please drag the building to the blue square. Worker's hut can increase our construction queue. When the castle reaches level 3 build the corresponding worker's hut to unlock. If you can build farmland,we can help you cultivate it and provide you the best food. With food and drink, the inn can resume business again! As long as there is enough food and water, the inn will be the center of the castle, and it will attract more and more people to join us.
Hint & Tips
1. We can upgrade our main castle now, we need to unlock more buildings for more challenges.
2. Drag the building to any position, when it glows in green light, the construction can begin.
3. Charcoal is an essential energy for the operation of buildings. Buildings' production efficiency will be greatly reduced when lacking charcoal.
4. Build barracks, train more soldiers, and destroy all the monsters around the castle.
5. Lord, this is a chaos world full of thorns and rough! If you want to be strong, you should grasp the nettle! Don't forget to ask Intisar for help when you are in trouble! When and where you need help. Don't forget the empire guide. Have a safe trip!
6. After sign the Royal Prestige, use the horn to summon dragon to kill monsters. You will get 2x rewards.
Charcoal workshop - will produce a steady stream of charcoal but with low production capacity. Lumber Yard - lumbermill are places where lumber is produced and stored, and you can upgrade it to get higher production. Charcoal factory - all buildings in the city are supported by charcoal, transport lumber to the charcoal mills to produce charcoal.
The arrow tower inside the city has been built, you can click inside the hidden moving monsters to kill them, so the safety of the city residents have been guaranteed, when the invasion of enemies, arrow tower can laso help us attack the enemy together.
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Revenge of Empire Last Sultan Redeem gift code
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date04 October 2020
Last Modified04 October 2020
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