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Reversi Quest 2 cheat world: this game is a RPG that focuses on strategic battles based on Reversi and pixel art and musical sounds reminiscent of 16 bit machines. You'll enjoy this game if you like: JRPGs from the mid 90's; a stark worldview; a quarter view sandbox and pixel art; an accentric battle system. We throught of making this game free to play to earn income through advertisements and microtransactions, and we really wanted to value the atmosphere and quality of a console game.

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An encounter - there is a village at the frontier in the region of Northeastern Arpingham in Othellia Island. Because this village is surrounded by mountains, there are very few exchanges with the outside world. A young man, Nym, was preparing to deliver something to his uncle who works at the forest of Vallo. His eyes being full of curiosity, he seeks into the unseen world out from the isolated village.

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Quest objective - defeat the boss at the end to clear the quest. Advancing - the direction in which you can advance differs by quest. Check the compass at the bottom right of the screen to see which way you can advance towards to. How to advance - simply tap the arrow pointing towards the next objective or just swipe on the screen to advance. There is no turning back. Path restrictions - clear the specified amount of quests required to pass. You may find rare treasures ahead.

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Choose and place a pawn where you can flank from both sides. Tap on things for details. Basic rule of battle: you will be fighting enemies by using figurines called pawns. The rules are the same as reversi (othello). Allies have white discs, and enemies have black discs. Flanking a disc both sides will change the disc color. Disc color - when you flank an enemy pawn from both sides and make the disc color white, that pawns becomes your ally. It's the disc color that matters, not the appearance of the Pawn.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: placing the pawns - select any 1 of the 3 pawns displayed on the bottom left. Place the pawn on any panel where you can flank the enemy. Tap the OK button on the bottom right or the pawn itself to finish. Treasure chest - you can obtain gears from blue treasure chest, and items from brown. Equip new gear or use items from the menu button shown on the bottom right of the screen. Special panles may appear during battles. The effects of these panels can be either advantageous or disadvantageous.

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Tutorial (wiki): the damage received from the dmaaging panels on the field will be halved. Party members are fixed until the quest is cleared once. Junction points - sometimes the arrow will point in 2 different directions. Tap the compas to see which panels you've already been through. Look ahead, think wisely, and select your path. Flanking enemies from both sides with attackers with the red role will damage the enemy. The number of pawns in the troop - the remaining number of the specific pawns in the troop is displayed at the bottom left of the screen during battles. When this becomes D, pawns can no longer be placed. Be careful, and always plan ahead.

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