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Free hack Revolve8 cheats code list - gold, speed up, upgrade card, promo ticket, jewels, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Revolve8 cheat world: a hundred years have passed since the last war. Legends of old gather to do battle once more. Some fight for a purpose. Others, for the hell of it.
Controls: drag and drop to use a card. using a card requires ink. Once placed, the character will act on its own. A tower is destroyed when its HP reaches 0. The player who destroys the most towers within the time limit wins the battle.

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Lead your party to victory by utilizing low cost cards. When you win a battle, you will be rewarded with a book. Try opening one. The time required to unlock books will vary. Red riding hood - when there are multiple enemies, use me. A normal skill can be used when the skill gauge is fully charged. Tap the icon to activate the skill. Use skills strategically to be victorious.

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The SP skill can only be used once in battle by the leader. The use of an SP skill could turn the tides of a battle. A horde of enemies is approaching, use star money on them. You can check the details of a card from your deck. Check it out from the menu below. A card can be leveled up when obtaining duplicates. Try leveling up the character.

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Each card has specific role.

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