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Free hack Revue Starlight Re LIVE cheats code list - gold, tickets, free gacha, promo ticket, stamina, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Revue Starlight Re LIVE cheat world: guide the stage girls to victory over Siegfeld institute of music! Give the stage girls instructions with act panel. Bottom icon indicates an act effect. Tap the act panel. You gave instructions to the stage girl. You can give more instructions until the act points in the upper left of the act panels reach a total of 6. After selecting the act panels you want to use, tap the start button.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE hack

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Acts are performed in order from the left. An advantageous element can deal great damage. An act with an advantageous element will be indicated with a weak mark. Performing acts and receiving damage will fill the orange brilliance gauge. When the brilliance gauge is at max, you can begin a powerful climax revue (last for 2 turns). If two or more characters enter the climax revue, you can activate a finishing act. If the stage girls share the same finishing act, a high powered panel will appear.

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Gacha: star gems, friend points. You can obtain stage girls and equippable items called memories from gacha draws. Then select characters that will perform in the revue. Tap the units button from the menu. Tap the unit formation button. In unit formation, you can create a unit of up to vife stage girls. Select an empty slot. Next, select a revue song. The song you pick will affect the music and special effect triggered during a climax revue. Stage girls and memoirs each have a cost. The total number cannot exceed the maximum unit cost. Tapping the auto button will automatically form a unit within the cost limit.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE wiki
Tap stage button. here, you can play a variety of content such as story and events. You can unlock more content as you progress through the main story. View story events and complete revues to progress through the main story. Performing in a revue requires stamina. Your depleted stamina will recover by 1 every 3 minutes, or use hack cheats codes. In main story revues, you can bring another player’s stage girl along as a guest. When a climax revue is activated, the guest will appear and you can use her climax act. If you tap the auto button during a revue, it will play out automatically.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Once you complete all stage assignments for a for a stage, you can skip it. This makes it easier to repeat stages to gather pieces.
  • When you complete stage assignments, you can also obtain rewards from treasure chests. be sure not to forget them!
  • Try leveling up your heroes for better performance in revues. Tap the "+" button to use more lesson tickets. You can aslo tap the maximum button to use the maximum number possible.
  • Skill panel - here, you can spend pieces and coins to unlock skill panels. Unlocking skill panels will enhance your stage girls' abilities. From this screen, you can select the stage girl whose skill panels you would like to unlock.
  • Once you unlock all of the skill panels, you will be able to unlock the rank up panel in the center. Increasing a stage girl's rank will improve her abilities dramatically.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE tips
    Tutorial Revue Starlight Re LIVE(wiki):
  • When you use potential crystals to trigger a potential bloom, your stage girl’s rarity goes up and her max level and max bond level increase.
  • You can obtain potential crystals in potential crystal hunts or by trading creation friend pointss for them in the shop.
  • Giving gifts to stage girls strengthens the bond you have with them, increasing their bond level.
  • When a stage bond level reaches certain levels, you can unlock her unique bond story events.
  • Form your units from the front! Raise a stage girl that can be a good tank.
  • Finishing acts are stronger the more people join in!
  • Bound break a memoir to the max to power up its auto skill.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE tutorial

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