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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Richman Fight Cheats
trophy reach 10000 - #dVuai0tW4
5000 chip - #71MmOCmIM
diable ads - #OpP7KI5SB
diamonds - #HLQdt38oR
super value - #nW4DaUfwL
skins - #HpG7kmmb3
1 Month Card code - #TdS5FTSSQ
upgrade cheat - #ZmWg6baA6
legendary cards - #RH5zBR04Y
double damage - #xOcxQ2VlF
secret combination - #rf3KTE1He
level up - #kcJXE9UJQ
shield - #HlhCsvJs6
booster - #Rc451Y9s7
special reward - #bOaXwkuBL
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
How to win - drop your opponent's money to 0 to win. Player who has more money after 12 round wins. Tap missile card, select opponent - you just dealt her damage with this card. Use Bomb card from your hand. It detonates when player lands on or next to it and deals player damage. The bomb self explodes after 3 rounds. hero will move steps and end your turn after you roll the dice.
Sweep and fight
Clear the traps on the map, and fight back with cards from card square. Use sweeper to remove the bomb ahead. Sweeper remove all objects while moving forward for 6 squares. You got a fire trap form the card square in the previous turn. Tap and use this fire trap without costing any chips or use cheats codes, hack tools. Place fire on 3x3 area, fire deals damage to player landing on them. Fire remains on the map until it extinguishs after 3 rounds. Try to counter opponent's attack and defeat opponent with cards from card square.
Richman Fight Viking Base building
Build "wonder" to gain overwhelming power. To land on the empty wonder square, let's use roadblock. It stops player who passes or lands on it. Using this card puts you under exhaust status. Exhaust: attack decreased by 20%, defense decreased by 20% for 2 rounds. You're landing on an unowned wonder square. Let's build a winder. Landing on wonder square triggers the Wonder.
1. Time bomb sent by Princess Sarah explodes immediately and deals damage only to the target.
2. Reverse card can be used to change your heading direction clockwise or anti clockwise on the map.
3. You can either complete the remaining tutorial and get a powerful hero as reward.
4. Want to try out your new deck? GO to the training.
5. If time bomb detonates during transfer, then explosion deals damage to both players.
6. Cards combinations might be useful, so make sire you save enough chips.
Richman Fight Skill unleash
Surprise attack your opponent with hero's special skill. Every certain rounds, you can get a skill card, which you can only hold 1 at a time. You could try the unique skill at the training court when getting a new hero.
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Richman Fight Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date05 September 2020
Last Modified05 September 2020
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