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First time ricksperience adventure started.
- Morty: i'm sure looking forward to this year's Rickmania, you know...It's shaping up to be a strong competittion this season. That Rickest Rick is really something!
- Rick: yeah, he's something alright. A big fraud. That's what he is! He's a poser. We gotta tap to move over there! Tap on my surprise invention Morty! It's a portable close gun! It shoots out clones. They're going to fight for us. You know what that means? This baby is our ticket in! We're going to compete in Rickmania!

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hack Rick and Morty Clone Rumble android Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):An attack move appeared! Tap to hold it for the next roll. More attacks appeared to form a powerful attack, tap to use it! Team attack is great against multiple opponents. Deals equal damage to both!
We've go a lot of work to do. We've got to improve our clones! To send heroes on their next big adventure tap the adventure button.

cheat Step #2: Unsure what a move is? Hold down on this move to see what it is. Morty's going to need a bit of help if he's going to win his next battle. Tap get clones to see who we can add to your team. You've got enough Jerry DNA to add him to your team. Head to the clones screen to unlock him.

code Step #3:The red indicator shows you're weak to your targets! Tap the other clone to change who you attack. The green indicator shows your attack are strong! Attack and deal extra damage.

Rick and Morty Clone Rumble android Step #4: You is looking far too weak and puny to win the next battle. Head to the clones screen to power up a bit! Equipping items increases a clone's power by a small amount. Tap upgrade to permanently merge the items into the hero and get a huge increase in power.

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  • 2. Clones require more DNA to increase their health and unlock new moves. Tap store to buy some extra DNA.
  • 3. Moves (skills): turbo - quickly charges up the user turbo meter.
    Malformed Might - deals damage to all enemy and inflict them with the sticky slots debuff. Lock 2 moves, these can not be rerolled.
    Lucky Jerry - taunts all enemy and gains the luck buff. Enemy attacks will have a 50% miss chance for 2 turns.
  • 4. Turbo meter is full? Tap to unleash a devastating turbo attack.
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