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Welcome to Nightfall, detective! I’m secretary to Henry, your missing uncle. We spent a whole month looking for him, but all our efforts were in vain. I hope we find him with your help. Henry kept a clipboard with documents on his investigations in this box. You might find a clue that will shed light on his disappearance in here. Use the star to take a look at the clue. Let’s hang up the clipboard in a prominent place so that it’s always at hand. You’ve run out stars for your investigation! Complete levels or use cheat code to win stars.

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Collect the tiles you need to win. Among Henry’s materials, i found a note that says he has an appointment at the city monument today. Henry would have added a special mark if the meeting was important. There’s no mark. I’ll go to the meeting. Meanwhile, please get some rest. The puppeteer has been terrorizing Nightfall for a year now. Kidnapping was never on the long list of his evil deeds. Until today. The Puppeteer is clever. He doesn’t usually leave clues at the scenes of his crimes. But we should try our luck.

Riddleside Fading Legacy cheats, hack codes

Match tiles in a square and get a firework. henry helped us in our search for the Puppeteer. WHo knows, this maniac might somehow be involved in the mysterious disappearance of your uncle. Henry kept all the materials on the Puppeteer case in the sheriff’s office. Let’s continue the investigation. Let’s examine all the information on the Puppeteer Henry managed to collect.
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Try to put all the pieces of the map together and restore the evidence. Then let’s attach the map to the board and take a closer look. Henry marked the Puppeteer’s previous crime scenes on this map. We need to add a new one: Olivia’s abduction site. There;s an abandoned doll factory at the intersection. It’s not a strong lead, but we don’t have many options. Let’s examine this place.

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. Olivia - worked as Henry’s secretary and knows a lot about him. It was her wrote me a letter about my uncle’s disappearance and asked me to search for him. SHe is a kind and intelligent young woman who is sincerely worried about Henry. Hopefully, together we can find him.
Sheriff Harden - nightfall police chief, an older man who had seen a lot in his life. I think he’s a bit exhausted due to the weight of his responsibility for protecting the townspeople. I can’t imagine what he has had to face, given the peculiar nature of nightfall. rxF080 - supply box
abUhcJ - treasure chest
D09XNi - multiplayer
TQBuqM - vip status
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Hack LH1rDr - artifacts
Cheat QMMmmS - evade
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