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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass. cheat list, hack: 1. NHIlPQXM - legendary box
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6. Enter 8zQ3WSp9 - unlock active/passive skills
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8.5eDS0rkP - invisible
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Let’s learn how to play. First let’s start with how to move. Drag joystick on the bottom left corner. Move hero to the green circle. Now move to the next zone and pick up all gold coins. Pick up coins for promotions and more powerful mounts! Let’s learn how to attack! Beat the chest monster for a big reward! Attack button is on the bottom right. There are two different control schemes: clicking - automatically aim and shoot an enemy in front. Drag and release - drag one direction to aim percisely. hack

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In this game we will challenge another player. Here comes one, shoot! You missed your target and you are out of arrows! Go pick pne up to shoot again! If you hit the target, the arrow will automatically return to your hand. If you missed the target, you need to run over and pick it up! Oh, there’s one more thing. Click on the dash button on the right which can dodge enemy attack. You have all the skill for battle. Now it’s time for the real thing! The player with the best score wins! cheats, hack codes

We have enough gold for a new weapon. Let’s find out how it works. Drag the new weapon to merge with another one. Higher level weapon is more powerful in the battle. Heroes: samurai - acquire again to increase maximum health. Geisha - acquire again to increase match rewards. Beast master - reduce skill cooldown. Blackbeard - increase match rewards. Queen - reduce skill cooldown. Dark knight - increase movement speed. Conqueror - increase shooting range. wiki
Checking the skill board status is more important then the character’s rarity when setting a party. Character with more skill board puzzles filled is easier to grow. You can buy skills from shop> skill, and set it in desired slot. You will gain gold and material items immediately after killing the monsters, but experience will be calculated and issued after defeating the boss monster at every 10 stages. Various contents are unlocked as the commander’s level increases.

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