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Rift Heroes cheat world: welcome to the rift, champion! I am cheat-on. I will be helping you grow your kingdom. A growing empire has a large appetite. Farms produce food supply. New buildings mena more people which requires al arger food supply. Buildings require resources and take time to build. Let's get started on building the farm.

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We can speed up construction on buildings. Whenever a quest is complete we can collect rewards by tapping the collect button. We will need wood to help us construct more buildings. With our higher food supply from the farm we can build our lumberyard. We should start mining for gold. Gold is an important resource that can be used for many things.

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Let's upgrade the citadel! The citadel is the heart of your empire. It controls how many buildings you can build and how high you can upgrade them. World of Rifthaven danger and adventure abound. On different worlds you can play missions to earn rewards. YOur goal in battle is to defeat the neemy champion by reducing their health to 0.

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Make sure to protect your own champion! If your champion reaches 0 health, you will lose. Choose an available hero and place them on the field. They will attack any enemies in front of them. If your hero has done enough damage to defeat an enemy, any left over damage will be applied to the enemy or champion behind them. Heroes all have skills that will give them an edge in battle.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Heroes have three affinities that can be matched in the same column of row with another hero's affinities to increase each of their skill powers. Squad - this is where you can manage your heroes and hero squad. Heroes in your squad are used in battle on other worlds and in the arena against other champion like yourself.

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Tutorial (wiki): heroes can increase their power in three ways: increasing the experience level, mastery or shard level. XP items and gold are consumed to increase your Hero's XP level. YOu can assign XP items to the hero by tapping them induvidually or by tapping the + button. Higher XP levels require more XP items and gold. The Hall of heroes caps how high heroes can insrease their XP level. Remember to upgrade it.

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