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The first step is to generate a world to play in. This page configures how your world should be generated. The default settings here are good - go ahead and click generate!
Here, you choose your starting site. There are lots of biomes, but for now, let's start with a friendly one. Click a location with temperature forest biome and flat terrain, and click next. You can use the terrain tab to view information about the selected tile.
Now you can choose characters and use cheats codes, hack tools. Click in the left area to select from available characters. If you find a unit you like, drag them into the top section with the selected label. Reorder and randomize more if you want - but don't try to get the perfect characters. Everyone has flaws, and it makes the story more interesting. You can also re-name the characters by clicking on their names. Click start when you're ready.

Rimworld cheats, hack codes

1. S + SuTyYSPY - storm pass
2. V + TLLn0AEX - credits
3. Enter Q + cTMurYoy - gold coins
4. W + Pass OJbJuvH3 - war chest
5. S + AAww9cR1 - victory pack
6. Enter d + 8sMGAaGj - luck
7. s + bKxiDOC0 - research
8. W + tNtpZSOz - upgrade
9. Q + ieol1zRG - speed up
10. q + yyWJNUYh - daily gift
11. s + nZBNCUEq - secret combiantion

Rimworld controls: to allow your colonists to bring your items to the stockpile, you must remove their “forbidden” designation. Clicking your starting items to select the, Click the allow toggle button to allow them. Next, we'll build a room: click architect > structure. Select wall >wood as the material. Drag out four walls to form the shape indicated on the map. Now just place a door over any one of the room walls. Your hero will now build the room. Now they need somewhere to sleep. Enter cheat code - place three beds inside the room. You'll also want some light inside, or your character will get grumpy in the dark.
So your pet will sleep inside with you, place an animal sleeping spot inside the room. Sleeping spots aren't real buildings - they're just spots on the ground designated for a sleeping.
Your unit need sources of recreation or they'll get sad over time. Use hack tools - build a horseshoes pin outside, near the room. Need something to eat, so place a growing zone as indicated on the map. This is where your colonists will sow crops. Soldier need to be told what to cook. Cooking orders are added on the stove itself. Once a bit has been created, colonists will do the work automatically. Remember, enter cheat code - speed up time if building is taking too long. You can also select a hero and right click the stove to prioritize building it.

Hack Rimworld basics: you'll want to mine some minerals. Select the mine designator and drag over the steel to designate it for mining. You can control which colonist does what kind of work. Open the work tab at the bottom of the screen. Beware - hero always follow their work priorities, even if this makes them do dumb things! Setting up a smart work regime is am important skill in game. So use cheat code carefully, and review them often!
Researched list - you might have to wait for the research bench to be constructed, or for trees to be chopped for wood. If it's taking too long, use the work tool tab to assign more colonists to construct.
next, you'll learn to expand the home area. Unit will clean floors and extinguish fires in the home area only, and ignore fires or filth outside of it. The home area is added automatically when you build things - but you can also expand it manually. The build roof area defines where your characters will try to build roofs. It auto fills when you enclose a new room.

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  • 1. Consider using the work tab to assign more units to construct. Also, you can enter cheats - speed up time to shorten the wait. Once everything’s built, i’ll send an attacker to test your defenses.
  • 2. Attack colony? pause the game by hitting space! Read the red letter in the bottom right of the screen. Draft your soldier by selecting them and hitting the draft command. Right click to them to positions inside the sandbag square, touching the sandbags. Unpause. Colonists must be touching cover to benefit from it. Once you're in cover, wait for the attacker to approach. Your hero will shoot automatically.
  • 3. There’s still tons more to learn, including prisoners, hunting, trade, animal taming, and much more. But you’ve got the basics now.
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