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Let’s play hide and seek.
September 1945, after WWII - solomon transfered the artifact matrix to New York.
August 21 1969 - special agent sneaked into the New York lab, caused a Huge energy leak in matrix. DNA mutation effected Hundreds in this “grand Shockwave”. Whether in good ways or bad ways.
Two days later a crack suddenly appeared. Admin showed up and sealed off the city. Project-E start!

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Control your character with the joystick. Show, these xeno creatures don’t work under the admins. Clear them all now. If only we could know their purpose, because they must be here for some reasons. If only we could read their mind. Too bad that i don’t have the ability to analyze the energy crystals which for their very existence.

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Dawn raid - long press skill to keep shield activated to hold off incoming attack. After releas.
Divine Justice - jumps high into the air and falls down vertically to attack.
Light expulsion - casts a light shield to attack enemy in front, once enemy is hit, teleports near enemy.
Thunder rage - it grants a 100% for the wearer to cast a lightning upon countering and deal damage equal to 50% of damage.
Rise of Awakened wiki
Weapons also comes with some special effects, which can be extremely powerful if using properly. For example, thunder blade - an energy weapon that allows its wearer to cast a lightning upon countering. The minimum trigger intervals is 1 second. Don’t forget to enhance your gears when you meet difficulty in battle.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Long press on skill button to move under the shield.
  • When about to get hit enemies, use dodge to trigger dodge counter.
  • Description:
    - a thrilling battle in new state city.
    - unique and stunning ultimate moves.
    - extremely striking action combos.
    - various trials challenge your limit.
    - develop your favorite awakened.
  • The game plays in classic side-scrolling, having gorgeous skill combo and ultra-smooth game play. Each character has a unique 3D anime-style ultimate move. Everything presenting here is to give you the most satisfying mobile action game experience!

Rise of Awakened tips
Hack cheats tutorial Rise of Awakened(wiki):
Neutral creatures from Xeno world have appeared in the downtown. I’ve been racking my brains to handle all sorts of issues every day, dealing with the crises caused by the Xeno world. All the members here have their unique abilities. As well as different quirks to get into troubles. Still, they are the only ones who can protect this world.

Enemy creatures:
Blazing Demonpaw - a blazing monster from the xeno world, characterized by its gigantic and fearsome size. Enemy traits - once it has some distance from the target, it will aim at the target and jump to its position. It roars when being attacked, summoning small demonpaws. Coping strategies - stay close to the blazing demonpaw. Move away instantly when you find it preparing to jump.
Rise of Awakened tutorial

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