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Free hack Rise of Dragons cheats code list - speed up, promotion, relics, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Rise of Dragons cheat world: this is us, the tribe of Luke. While other places have ponies and dogs, we have dragons. But barbarians came to trample villagers, plunder resources. Even abuse our dragons! We had to leave our home. After days and night of trudging, we eventually reached this magic place. Fertile sky islands, the birthplace of all dragons. Here is the last defense against barbarians. We can’t afford to lose one more dragon!

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Phew, these dragon eggs keep intact. It’s time to hatch a new friend. Dragon needs a place to spread its wings. But barbarians have taken control of the closest island. We need to prepare ourselves right now! To better protect our people, building a barrack to train powerful troops is at the top priority! While training troops, you can upgrade buildings simultaneously to make the most of your time. Now that we’ve got the dragon power and enough troops, it’s time to try ousting those barbarians! Seems like their troop types are all well balanced. Balance your troop type and ready to win!

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We just arrived at the entrance of dragon valley, which is an ideal place to enrich our dragon collection! Before we going in we need to hatch one more dragon to keep us company! Tap dragon valley to start your exploration. The more dragons we have, the more powerful we are. We can collect dragons by exploring dragon valley.

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