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Free hack Rise of Empires Napoleonic Wars cheats code list - resources, troops, gold, promo ticket, heroes, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Rise of Empires Napoleonic Wars cheat world: you’re here your highness, our people have been waiting for your arrival! Long live the emperor! Every where’s fallen into chaos, the house of Bourbon’s rule has been toppled by revolution and forces have used this opportunity to invade in the vain hopes of ruling the world! Waterloo symbolizes the greatest power and honor in the world, whoever occupies Waterloo can declare rule over the whole world! And you, with your excellent tactical prowess and wisdom, will surely become the most powerful emperor of them all and lead us to the world’s pinnacle.
Now let’s go an develop your city that will make you so powerful! You must build up your strength quickly if you want to become the final victor!

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Timber is an important resource for developing your city, please order the construction of a mill your majesty. A powerful empire needs a powerful army! Quickly train some more soldiers. Use gold coins or hack cheat code to accelerate training!
I have a report for your highness, the enemy have already occupied our important strategic territory, Toulon! Our forces stationed there have suffered heavy losses! Under the command of our emperor< we will keep growing stronger and conquer the whole world. And you will all bow to our emperor.

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The rebels have been routed, we must hastily develop our strength before the great war has started. A town hall symbolizes our power, quickly give the order to start construction on a town hall. Increasing your rapport with the lady will provide assistance to our empire. You need to find the cup with the gem in it, so be sure to watch carefully. You can obtain more rapport from winning multiple times in a row.

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Next, please listen to mu guidance to quickly build up the empire! Through your leadership, there’ll come a day when we will be able to occupy Waterloo and declare our rule over the world. When the army has suffered casualties, the wounded soldiers will be placed in the hospital for treatment. Currently, there is no need for medical treatment. Never promise anything you can’t achieve. Once you do, you must keep the promise.

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