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Free hack Rise of Honor cheats code list - gold, legendary items, summon hero, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Rise of Honor cheat world: lord, we need to protect ourselves from intruders. Please set up a training camp. The training camp accommodates a dozen type of combat units. I think we could train 10 militia in the training camp. Take a look at chapter quest section. It's meant to guide you through city construction. Lord, i truly believe it'll be real fast fo you to get the hang of it.

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Meet chapter quest requirements to be rewarded with essential resources. A hero upgrade could bring in improved hero stats and quality, as well as unlock some skill slots. Enough promotion items in stock. Now we have to build an infirmary for the injured.

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In the event that an infirmary is filled to capacity, to continue to provide for injured soldiers, you have to spend resources. Select soldiers and patch them up. Lord, if you are looking for some clues, allow me - consider upgrading castle. Once the upgrade is done, new building types and levels shall be available.

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The last battle had depleted ur food supplies. Lord, we need you to build us a farmland. On campaign completion, heroes can be dispatched to train on the battlefield. See this process as a shortcut to fast training: heroes would gain experience according to training time. Aside from that, there will a chance of getting rewarded with chest. Tap an empty square grid for hero training.

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