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Report lord, trace the orcs in front! We need help of a hero and hurry to build a hero altar - ancient and mysterious altar of heroes, from which you can recruit powerful heroes of justice.
Barracks - recruitment of ground combat units, recruiting infantry, pickpockets, cavalry and other arms.
Discover the orc camp and let us attack!

Rise of Mages hack

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We need to strengthen our strength, build more buildings, and recruit more heroes.
Mysterious holy land - has produced many powerful mages, and can recruit lawbreaker, flame mage lightning mage and other arms.
Blacksmith shop - the building that produces siege equipment can unlock vehicles such as drag racing siege vehicles, and catapults.
Spell institute - research skills spell building, unlock arrows and rain spells, electric shock spells, blizzard spells and more.

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Rise of Mages hack points
Paladin Roland - a powerful knight with a holy mind who can heal the surrounding forces when he comes on stage. Troop:
Small brake - combat weapon in battle, small brakes have a terrible rate of fire.
Arrow rain spell - thousands of arrows are sent to cause damage to all targets in the area.
Hinterlands breaking swordsman - a powerful double knife break, he can damage the nearby enemy by turning a few times.
Rise of Mages wiki
Defense towers:
Sentinel - the initial defense building is capable of attacking ground and air unit. Mage - the wizard on the tower will release powerful range attack spells.
Arrow - a defensive building with a smashing arrow launcher that quickly launches a smashing arrow to damage enemies.
Mysterious tower - the mysterious energy will damage and slow down the enemy after hitting the enemy.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • The higher you go, the harder is to promote.
  • Enter the news interface and click the discord button to join the discussion group. Contact the administrator to get diamonds for free.
  • Use the 2 victory medals to open the chest
  • Realtime strategy battle: upgrade defense and heroes, crash enemy camp, cast black magic, may light be with you.

Rise of Mages tips
Hack cheats tutorial Rise of Mages(wiki): Characters:
  • Highland elite infantry - a battle tema of 4 soldiers who fight bravely and fearlessly.
  • Castle Axe - warrior using an axe, causing damage ti nearby enemies.
  • Militia squad - the 3 people's squad recruited by castle urgently has limited combat effectiveness.
  • Bow pickpocket - who has come to fight without training, can provide some firepower in the distance.
  • Knight - the wandering knight in castle was temporarily recruited to fight.
  • Hinterlands breaking swordsman - a powerful double knife break, he can damage the nearby enemy by turning a few times.

Rise of Mages tutorial

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