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There is a beautiful continent on the other side of the universe all kinds of creatures lived harmoniously under the protection of the star soul of Nowlin for thousands of years until...The coming of an uninvinted quest, Asados. he tried to loot everything of this continent and the gods came out boldly to stop him.
Asados was too powerful that no one could kill him. The gods made every effort to seal him successfully. Finally, the gods fall in a endless sleep because of exhaustion. However...

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Welcome to new android game! This is a beautiful land that born from world tree. Nowlin - which is home to countless creatures.
Skills: flore - attack a single target within the range of 12 meters.
Mind trial - deals an additional magic attack to a single target within the ranger of 12 meters and smite the target.
Fury storm - deals additional magic attack to all enemies within the chosen casting area.
Grace - restore HP for all team members, adding additional points of HP healing effect of each time.

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1. 69te21XLqp - level up
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Warrior - melee physical attack. Strong life and high attack, good at resisting all kinds of attack. The SINS of those who fight valiantly against the dead will be forgiven, and the glory will live forever in heaven!
Mage - ranged magic attack. High damage, more kinds of skills to attack and defend. Nobody can live longer than truth, faith, magic and power.
Assassin - melee physical attack. high speed, high critical damage and good at killing in silence. Born in the shadow, walking in the night. I am not the beginning, nor the end.
Rise of Nowlin wiki
Archer - ranged physical attack. Flexible and elegant, proficient in control. Life always blooms in the darkest places. Priest - ranged magic support. Strong survival and treatment ability, high requirements operation, provide strong support for the team. May my light always be with you!

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9 ZfH1GMfU1L hellion
10 dCCw8H0s4K vip ticket
11 48jQhwirUu mount

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Access information for fame can be viewed on the taskbar of the task interface.
    The fiftieth, 100th and 200 rings were rewarded with denerous rewards.
  • The chat channel has real time voice to facilitate communication between teammates.
  • The skin can provide you extra role attributes.
  • The energy will be reset automatically 12:00 PM every day.

Rise of Nowlin tips
Hack cheats tutorial Rise of Nowlin(wiki):
Events: 7 days sign in: sign in to get a 7 days rewards. If not in sequence, then it will be repeated to the first day. After completing sign in event in 7 days, it will be repeated to be the first day.
Use your guild contribution to redeem some essentials in guild shop.
Dungeons: Varina - the dark elves are gathered here the and conspiracy is planning.
Losted - the countless treasure of Kades. You must be careful with the unknown power inside.
Soul Stealer - hide behind shadow of evil, his roots are reaching out to the continent.
Eight eye - it is said that he can kill you easily by looking at you.
Rise of Nowlin tutorial

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