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Free hack Rise of The Dragon cheats code list - gold, stamina, weapons, promo ticket, mount, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Rise of The Dragon cheat world: dear players, welcome to new android game and enjoy the adventure in this magical world. Floating town, the dragoon warriors' main camp. You are on of us now. The cult of Ash is ruining our continent. We need warriors of courage and self sacrifice, just like yu, to join in this battle against the cult. The cult of Ash has invaded the south sea free city union. Head to streets in town as soon as possible. A powerful paladin has been turned into a puppet by their illusion. Defeat him and help him regain his consciousness.

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You must use your skills wisely to defeat strong rivals. Clear dungeon with 3 star to unlock sweep function. Diamonds hack can make your heroes get stronger for harder challenges. Can return one partner's experience to transfer its level to other partners. Don't forget to cast skills when using auto battle.

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