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Rise of the Kings cheat world: my king, the lords of the west have banded together. They march against you like never before. I plead with you, please call your men. Please ready yourself. Imprerial Lancers, to the flank! Move the Juggernauts past the gate! I want the imperial markswomen atop the towers, let them rain down over the axe warriors. For all the good the king had done, his transgressions had come to haunt him. War waged on with a ferocity not seen in ages.

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The palace, once a thriving beacon of the king's power, lay in waste. The smell of blood and iron hung in the air, while the groans of fallen warriors faded slowly. Now the general could do nothing but hang his head and hope that, one day, a new king would rise and lead the realm into a new are. This is where our story begins. Several year later, a young lord stands at the foot of a broken castle.

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I was told, today, that i am to meet the lord of this place. I confess i am surprised to greet a prince perplexed by the sight of his own keep. It would seem that time has not been kind to these walls. War is unkind to all. Some are made stronger by this fact. We shall restore her, that she shines anew. Let's build the stables and then reinforce the gate.
With the mad king gone, disorder spread throughout the world. Rival Lords vied for control in the vacuum that was left and fires raged across the land, swallowing towns and villages in their fury. But in such chaotic times, Heroes are made.

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My lord, we need to garrison the castle as soon as possible. First, you need to build a stable to train cavalry. We have to build a lumber mill - wood is an important resource for your castle development. World - collect the resources you need to prosper. It will take a while for your soldiers to harvest the grain. Please return and continue developing your city.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: now that you have grasped the key points of castle management, please follow the chapter tasks to develop your castle. Use some of your resources to clear area for development. Remember that Elyanna will always be with you. The barracks are where the infantry train. Upgrade it to unlock better infantry units.
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Tutorial Rise of the Kings (wiki): upgrade to your castle will take a long time, you can use speed uos to accelerate the upgrade. If you want to increase your power then you'll need to recruit some heroes. As you've already gained a reputation throughout this land, you can now go to the Hall of heroes and begin summoning heroes. YOu can assign heroes to different buildings to gain special buffs. The training speed of your cavalry has increased after you assigned hero!
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