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The Galo continent was a wild land of ice and fire in prehistoric times. The beasts and ferocious monsters throughput the mainland made unarmed human beings suffer extinction constantly.
Until one day, the great creation god descended on this continent. Under his leadership, humans from different races joined together establishing a great civilization. They prospered by continuing expansion of territory, created architecture art, policy and commercial trade.
But soon, after the world’s cheat code institutions formed, the god died. And their society had gradually been divided into two thousand year empires with constant disputes - the Western Eagle empire and the Eastern Amber dynasty.

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People had forgotten the root of this battle eventually. Was it the resource? Wealth? Land? Or a secret treasure? And the folk had been circulating around a thousand year legend. God had been sealing power in his sword after his death. Whoever obtained this sword would have the power to control the entire Galo continent. Once the rolling wheels of the war turned, they would never stop. Faced with such chaos, how would you chose?
Great Lord, your castle has been built! In order to survive on this continent, we still need to make the city prosper.

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For the development of the city, safety is the first priority. We need to build barracks to train soldiers. Click free code button, complete the construction immediately. Using recruitment speed up cheats can reduce recruit time. Food is a very important resource for development, building farms can produce food. The palace is you most important building, upgrade the level of the palace can unlock more buildings and technology.
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We need to build a hospital to treat injured soldiers, to treat injures more quickly than to recruit new soldiers. After the construction of the college, you can begin to study city technology and improve the numerical indicators of city development. The different types of tech in colleges and universities will be promoted in different ways. Research technology immediately. This can improve your power quickly. Technology code: development - l5I4QF, defense - SXwP6S, military - OA1kw2, guardian force - yowbJ7, resources technology - 03eeQv. The development of the city required a lot of resources. In order to develop your city quickly, you need to send troops to the wild world to explore and collect resources.

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Secret note: upgrade resource buildings to increase production speed of corresponding resources. Lifting the wall level can increase the value of the city defense. After the castle is broken, the city defense value will decrease as the wall burns. THe ambulance tent can increase the upper limit of the wounded and speed of treatment in the hospital. YOu can get the latest information on city management for the assistant. After you activate princess, it can not only provide you with additional attributes, but also win a generous reward. You can unlock the skill when the intimacy reaches 100, you can receive the item reward, 3 times a day. koui6F - materials
DPpVlv - legendary avatar
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