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Tutorial: hi there, Chief! I’m Felix, the head of your workers. This is an ideal place to create our steelement. Your workers are essential to develop a powerful civilization. We erect new buildings and upgrade them. We help gather, produce and farm different resources. And we’re always willing to go and search exploration sites you find near our settlement. To be honest, you couldn’t build a new civilization without workers!

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Now, let’s build a small farm. This will provide us with a reliable food source. Now assign one of my workers to harvest some food. Tap on the farm, to see the production list. Drag the food to the empty slot and a worker is automatically assigned. Now your worker is busy harvesting food. Let’s return to the camp to see what else we can do. Creating homes will give our population shelter and allow our settlement to grow. Research is also a key element of a thriving civilization. Tribal settlement allows us to start building homes.

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We need research points to invent new things. You get a research point every hour. The people are so happy at our progress they’ve made a free upgrade for our great hall! We’ve heralded the dawn of the stone age. I feel we should build something to celebrate. This new age allows us to build better homes and increase our workers. Each of the homes in the settlement automatically produces coins. An upgrade increases the efficiency of the building. Let’s research the upgrade to our small farm. You’ll need one of our workers to make the upgrade.
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I’ll keep you informed of the current tasks. Look at our camp grow and prosper. A steady flow of products will help us construct more buildings. You can build, but can you fight our enemies on the battlefield? I bring mercenaries to help us start our world conquest on the campaign map. First we need to clear the wild beasts from around the camp. Tap on your spearmen to place them on the battlefield. Let’s shift the battle in our favor, and let me throw a huge rock into the remaining enemy forced. Your victory on the battlefield has earned us an expansion. Tap on any of the highlighted areas to expand our settlement.
The mercenaries returned to their homelands. Let’s build a barracks, so we can build our own army to conquer and expand.

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