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Rise of Fleets Pearl Harbor Game story: A traitor has stolen confidential files. All ships, hunt down the Tenryu battleship. The stealth mission failed, CO. Retreat to the Celtic Bay and head to the target area. We must rendezvous with the British fleet. Blockade the area and give chase. The traitor must not be allowed to leave alive! Full speed ahead! Escaping from Erich Raeder is our only hope of survival.

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We finally defeated the Italian navy and took back control of the island. We must regain our honor! We should recruit more crew and increase our might. Our warships need Sailors and XOs. But before we do that,we must repair pur ship. The Italian navy could return at anytime. Our island base seems to be missing something. Let’s build a dock first. Building a dock was easy. Let’s start repairing our ship. To think it’s survived so many battle. If that’s not a miracle, i don’t know what is.

Rise of Fleets cheats, hack codes

Let’s equip our ship with new guns, and assign jobs to the new crew members. The enemy is overpowering us! Let’s destroy one of their sub-base’s command posts and force them to redirect their firepower. Let’s make use of the destroyer’s speed to crush the enemy’s command post before their support arrives. Once we are financially stable, we can create suitable equipment for our ship. But first, let’s build a military factory - can build various weapons. Equip our battleships with powerful weapons to crush our enemies.
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When it takes a long time for building upgrading or scientific research, we can use acceleration time to speed up. You can check remaining ships of the allies and the enemies with remaining time. You can check enemy’s survivability and allies’ activity. If you use 100 daily supply packs or 50 legend supply packs, you can use mysterious supply pack that can immediately build an exclusive ship.

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