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1. otdB0TEHUM - lucky box
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3. tRyfKu3hjF - secret mode
4. IECdqzHHSq - stamina
Taslinia is under attack! Join me on the defense. I need you to step up and be a hero. What weapon will you choose?
Warrior: the sword smite all within its path.Bravery and power rends all resistance useless. ATK&COND - explosive aura attack dealing damage, with chance of causing armor break! The most balanced fighter in the realm, a warrior not only prossess high damage, but also high defense. Exchanging blood for power is the price a berserker is willing to make. Less HP equals more power. Unlock with lance training.

Rise of Legend hack

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Hunter: with pinpoint accuracy, the precision of the hunter controls the battlefield. Piercing shot: armor piercing shot dealing damage while ignoring of target’s armor.
Wizard: only the most intelligent ones can channel the ancient arcane knowledge to strike their foes down. AOE - unpredictable bolt strikes dealing damage (2-4 targets randomly).
Guardian: even the mightiest cannot strike down the guardian who defends with honor and will. Provoke SPT&BUFF - chance of taunting all to attack user, and decrease incoming damage.
Assassin - a deadly combination of damage and dexterity, a dagger’s flurry has no equal. ATK&COND - flash attack dealing damage, while stealing 10% HP from total damage dealt.
Priest: wand users are masters in healing and cleansing all forms of conditions, the best support one can have on a team. SPT - holy spell healing target’s HP with the amount equal to caster’s 150% of attack point.

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1. BTGVdgSpXx - level up
2. IgrGf36wkW - voucher
3. phyDgGLO4F - shard
4. KUibAz5Nv4 - speed up
5. 6HFK0kC2km - tokens

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Taslini - this is where you can better equip yourself and recruit more heroes. We need to upgrade our castle to unlock more buildings and functions. Castle level dictates all level, amount of heroes, and her’s level limit. For upgrade you need resources: wood, stone, iron and gold or use code k6ZgcCywQ5. The portal will take you to, world map, where the battles are. Remember, every skill has its own cool down.
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You can speed up the construction process by using the speed up item. Save your time by finishing building now!
Blacksmith is back up and running! In order to overpower your enemies let’s go upgrade your armors and weapons. Select the one you prefer, each with different perks, and craft a new body armor by using the resources you gained from battles.
Don’t forget to come check out new missions and claim your rewards.

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1 KgZUk5nKwB upgrade
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3 pN8GtSsUpC resources
4 wgtzg65xw1 promo code
5 8URGg4VRMI gift box
6 GTS5VlYeSK gold coins
7 XQG84kBx5x month card
8 dymj6ScA5E premium pack
9 vxh8tO1bhi equipment
10 REoii0ME3E vip ticket
11 Rhz1JmsDoX speed up

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Can't hit the enemies in the back row? Use a far range hero or AOE.
  • YOur castle dictates all your building's highest level, the higher the castle level is the higher the others can go.
  • Weapon affects attack, head and body affect defence, arms and legs affect speed.
  • Level up coin mint and rotisserie to secure your resources.
  • Strengthen your team by utilizing different occupations and battle stances.

Rise of Legend tips
Hack cheats tutorial Rise of Legend(wiki):
Strengthen and fortify Taslinia by leveling up the castle in order to raise all other building maximum level.
Skills menu - this is where you can view and customize your skills in order to better prepare your team for battle.
Try out different battle stances such as placing glass cannons at the back spot.
As long as you have a hero place in front, the hero in the back will be safe from near range attacks.
Rise of Legend tutorial

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