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Welcome to the dawn of civilization! I am cheat-on, your guide. Town center is a symbol of civilization, we must try our best to protect it from infringement! Your civilization will develop from here. I found some barbarians nearby, let us build a watchtower to prevent them from looting resources. Find the watchtower in the defense list. It takes a certain amount of resources to build a watchtower. Click on the green bitton to start construction.

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When the remaining time of construction and upgrade is within 5 minutes, it can be completed immediately for free. The watchtower has a very wide range. When the enemy enters the range, the tower will attack automatically. The barbarians are attacking us. Luckily we built the watchtower in time. You can receive a large number of resources for reward after completing the task, please click in the taskbar to receive. There will be some animals around the town. Kill them to get food.

Rise of Lords cheats, hack codes

1. oETq4x - level up
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Select the animal and click the hunt button to start hunting for the first time. Barbarians may attack again at any time. Why don’t we attack them first? We need to build a barrack first. Then you can start training your troops. Click and hold the training button to train multiple warriors continuously. Use diamonds hack code to complete training quickly. Attacking the barbarian towns can also earn you some resources. When you are ready, click the attack button.
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Click on the land outside the barbarian town and send out our warriors. The more troops you dispatch, the faster you will win the battle. Defense tower can cause damage to our troops continuously. Assemble all forces first to destroy it. Command all ground units to attack a building or go to certain position. After destroying all defensive buildings and winning the battle, the surviving troops will not lose, and they will all return to the town. Welcome the triumphant return of warriors, we successfully plundered resources from the barbarian town. Don’t forget to caim the mission rewards.

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Mill are where food is stored. Upgrade or build a new one to increase your food storage. Greece get a refund on construction costs upon completion, and can rush buildings with under 15 minutes remaining (+5m per age after iron). Britain colonies spread all over the world and can get more loot through battle. Bears and buffaloes get more resources, but they hunt longer.
Training limit reached? Upgrade heroes rank, research technology or upgrade barracks to increase the limit. HqMnum - meteoric shard
lKbtkw - resources: wood, ore, fuel, food
0clal6 - energy
oA9G8i - speed up
Hack JdZLrm - unlock events
Cheat fjIsMn - troops
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