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This is unity - a new world. New wealth, new opportunities. A colony planet embroiled in all out war. Act fast. Develop defenses. Stay sustainable. Ally with your alliance. Crush whoever gets in your way.

Choose state: the outskirts - has perhaps the harshest conditions among all sectors on planet Unity, home to the infamous Lawless zones. Still, it boasts many resources which could be of the utmost importance. With the right governance, battling the elements shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Its capital is Serenity.
Baptisland - is named for and founded by colonist Benjo Baptiste, a great hero and forefather of Unity. As the financial center of the planet, it contains the most wealth of any sector, as well as the largest army forces. Its capital is Titanus.

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hack Rise of Warfare Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):You have arrived on planet unity, a promising new world. Since you are starting out, let me help you on some of the core businesses in city management. Since we are now between wars, we should take this opportunity to expand territories and develop our base. You need heroes to lead your troops. Let's go to the summon now.

cheat Step #2: After the defense troops are defeated, it takes a certain amount of time to occupy it. Once seized, the land will become our territory. Injured units will be automatically recover when the formation returns to the city. Let's recall the troops and let the injured recover.

code Step #3:The unit types of a troop restrict one another during battles. We should take advantage of that. The scavengers come in chargers. The units led by the vigilante commander are enforcers, who are weaker against chargers. It is bombers that are strong against chargers. Dispatch bombers, and i am sure the enemy will be defeated in no time!

Rise of Warfare Step #4: A battle will be triggered when formations meet each other en route. Please use the move command to send our troops to the land where the scavengers are. Thanks to the last battle, the heroes have leveled up, increasing troop strength cap as well. This will allow you to have more men in the formation. Now we can replenish troop strength.

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  • 2. the scavengers are gone for now. We should sieze the time to claim more lands and gain more resources. There is a list of quests that i made to help you develop the city and forces step by step. Do check them in time. Complete the following quests to receive the chapter reward.
  • 3. Defend - your defending troops will attack the enemy when nearby territories of your alliance of friendly alliance are under attack.
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Heroes info: advocate of the people’s justice Wyatt the Elk was a diplomat who served as advocate in the people’s justice. He formerly worked for general Owain in the Fertile Valey, who recommended Wyatt to work for John Ramsey since he seemed a more promising warlord in the turbulent time. Wyatt visitted the ascended with Nicolo Barca and negotiated terms on forging an alliance.

Lance Franklin - Newphew of rico frankin and skilled shooter. Lance Franklin was a commander of spected troops in the UCA, skilled shooter and weapon specialist. As a lieutenant general, he fought in the operation thunderbird and contributed to the sabotage of enemy vehicles. Lance also fough in the battle at the temple of ruins but was soundly defeated by Monbaltan, further making the cybirg strategist an irreplaceable role.

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