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Free hack Risen Heroescheats code list - gold ingot, UR general, shards, promo ticket, coins, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Risen Heroes cheat world: my lord, welcome to start your journey. Our army will auto fight all the time. Whether you are online or offline you will get benefits for idle battle. Gather all elites and start your conquest. Our top priority is to enlarge our army. I have someone to recommend. Please recruit talented general. Promotion - here, you can promote generals to greatly improve their abilities.

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Our army will automatically fight against enemies and get loots like experience and coins. In each stage, there is a enemy leader. Defeat them to get many rewards and go to the next stage. If you can't wait, you can use acceleration to get 2 hours of experience and a lot of rewards immediately. After acceleration, you will get a lot of UR general. Use them to forge powerful treasures in the market.

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Although the Han court is decadent, the yellow Turban rebels are violating the innocents. Such an unrighteous army shall not be allowed to exist. You can meet all of the classic generals with multiple stats in the Three Kingdoms Period. Promoting generals and enhancing their abilities makes you stronger. Idle system and auto-combat help you to conquer all easily. My lord, with the help of top generals, you will be the king of this world!

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[Plentiful Rewards for Newbie] Obtain charming beauty and strong general by logging in now! Enjoy game for 7 days, SS-Grade General Jiang Wei will be your powerful partner. Fusion mission of famous generals also helps you to fight racily. Don't hesitate, plentiful rewards and various game events are waitting for you!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: when your main character level reaches the corresponding level, you can recieve a generous reward. You can quickly wear equipments by clicking equip all. Wei - collect all seven chapter to summon general. The goods in the Vip store can be purchased once per day. Higher Vip level allows to buy more goods.
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