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Free hack Rising of Kingdom cheats code list - summon, speed up, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Rising of Kingdom cheat world: lord, please lead us to a glorious empire! Where shall we start? Build the house first! Increase the tax, produce the gold! Next we need to build a sawmill, the wood is a must for developing our empire. We are shot of stone, we may need to build a quarry. Our territory is flourishing! Everyone is talking about your great achievements!

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If we want to build an invincible empire, we need to win the support of people first! Don’t be anxious for success, we need to try harder. Now let’s go to check the tavern. Inferior summon - 5 times recruiting for free everyday. Grants common recruiting scrolls after settlement of arena ranking. We can recruit many times for free in tavern everyday, don’t forget to come back often.

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Our scouts reported that we found the traces of orcs outside the town. Let’s build a barrack to train more soldiers. The infantry takes the lead to rush in the enemies, we need as more as better. The training speed always troubles us when we need them urgently. The war waits nobody! Let’s speed up with hack cheats code! It takes effect! Soldiers were trained so fast and our safety is assured!

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Heroes: Vickery - the frosted archer! She has great magic power and can deal great damage! Druzya, defense hero, stands in front of the formation and Vickery deals damage at the back. Great lineup! Heroes can be divided into 4 types: attack, defense, support and all match.
The war is consuming our gold so fast, we have got to collect some. To build a strong empire, we have to have a big resource reserve. Development and construction are important. Plow more farmlands, relieve the starvation.

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