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They call you Daniel Goodchild. You’re a mountain man. A former army officer. A bounty hunter. A frontier legend. In simple terms, you’re the best. Right now, you’re on a secret mission from Uncle Sam: hunt down a dangerous witch who’s seeking to destabilize the country. Smells like superstition, but a patriotic duty is a patriotic duty. It’s been a lonesome and ardous road, but you’re finally standing in front of her hideout. Too bad you have no idea what’s coming to you.

Ritual Crown of Horns hack

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Your health bar is placed in top left corner of the screen. Your souls bar is placed in top right corner of the screen. To dash, press B. Each dash costs you one soul. To shoot, press ZR. When aiming with a revolver, wait for the red skull to appear. Timing your shots properly is rewarded with bigger damage. To reload weapon, press R. While aiming, you can switch targets using R. While not aiming, you can use R to look around. This comes in handy when using certain weapons and skills.

Ritual Crown of Horns cheats, hack codes

To switch targets during aiming or look around, press R. To change weapon, use L R codes. Emptied weapons are being reloaded automatically even when not in use. Pick the right weapon for each situation and take advantage of the automatic reload to master the game. When using a revolver wait for the red skull to appear: shoot after it does for maximum damage.
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You can talk with: the witch to buy more spells; the - new weapons; the trickstress - additional gear. Remember that you have to equip every item you buy in your stash. Interact with the stagecoach in order to open up the map. Pick levels and complete them for rewards such as blueprints that unlock new items in shops. You can replay every level you’ve completed to breat challenges that grant even more benefits.

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