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Free hack Rival Stars Horse Racing cheats code list - gold, silver, resource (materials), promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Rival Stars Horse Racing cheat world: finishing on a high note: that's what the papers said of your grandfather's final victory. And it was well deserved. But i was there. I knew the reason he did it was for the thrill, the sport, and especially family. Your father was already comfortable in his own saddle and making a name for himself.

But when your proud grandfather strode from the stage, leaving him alone in the sun? He took off like an untamed wind. But then of course...You know how hard it was on the family, but your grandfather took it the hardest. For all his achievements, in the end, he considered himself a failure. I still believe in your family's legacy, despite everything. If you could, if you would be persuaded, please come back. I believe together we can return this homestead to the height of its glory days.

Rival Stars Horse Racing hack

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YOu're here! We desperately need your help to work the place back to its former glory. We'll make a world class jockey of you yet. Let's get straight to it and grab a horse from the market. You can buy or items in the market. Before a race, it's a good idea to view your horse's preferences.

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Rival Stars Horse Racing hack resource (materials)
Horse has a middle pack position preference, meaning she likes to be amongst the pack. Get into preferred position to charge sprint. Then try to save up sprint for the final stretch. However, if we want to complete at higher levels we need to train our horses.

Ranch income - the ranch earns extra income from being rented out for activities and functions.
Speed training will increase our horses’ top speed. Higher speeds means more chance of winning!
Jockeys will race for you and can increase your odds!
Training sprint energy helps our horses move forward in a race.

We need to keep breeding, racing, and earning income if we’re going to get anywhere in this industry. It’s all about using our initial momentum: breed a grade 2 or higher horse; run 4,000 m over multiple race; collect silver income from the homestead. Rewards: goldRival Stars Horse Racing gold hack , lumberRival Stars Horse Racing lumber cheat , steelRival Stars Horse Racing steel code

Rival Stars Horse Racing wiki
Horses gain experience through racing, which allows them to be trained. Training requires items. We get free items from the market daily, so check back often. Every time you train, horse gets stronger. Let's train their other stats: speed, sprint energy and acceleration. We can't train our horses until they get more experience.

Breen in need: we need to breed a next generation horse to complete at the international level. Not enough items? Use hack cheats code, win from racing, earn from completing goals, buy from the market. Spin the rose wheel - new prizes every 24 hours. EnergyRival Stars Horse Racing energy low? Energy recharges over time, or you can refill from the market.

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Tips to reapir durability Rival Stars Horse Racing, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

Hardware - used to upgrade your facilities. Rare items: lumber, masonry, safety equipment, steel, tools basic acceleration feed, grain, speed fee, sprint feed, tack and etc.

Rival Stars Horse Racing quests:
Running wild - our horses need to gain some more race experience. Win or lose, it doesn't matter, as long as they're running. Run 12,000m over multiple races. Rewards: gold, safety equipment, tools.
Equine edition: I've been reading about a new feeding regimen that boasts amazing performance improvements. Let's give it a go! Upgrade a breeding stall to tier 5. Buy a horse stall. Rewards: gold, acceleration feed. Breeding stalls - allows you to breed new horses.
Saddle up - it's time we got some new racing tack. The old equipment is getting worn. Upgrade speed , sprint energy, acceleration training facility to tier 5. Rewards: sprint feed.

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