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Game Story
Let me give you a short tour. Your current fame level - increase it to unlock more assets and features for your team. Solving tasks is a good way to gain fame and other resources. Your league level shows what level of pro gaming your team is at. Win your leagues to join the elite. Team power - it shows the overall strength of your active players and tactics. Improving your players is key to build a top team. One way is to sign new players. Let's head over to the transfer market to sign a new player. Select a player to check their details. Sign one of them to continue.
RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager Hack Basics
Player skill gives an overall indication of how good a player is. Their max potential, on the other hand, shows how good they could become with the right training. Let's continue to the match preparations. All important information about the upcoming match can be found in the top. Your team is displayed in the top left, your opponent on the right.
First off, we should move your new player into the starting lineup. Icons above the players indicate their position. Great! But it takes more than raw talent to achieve victory. You should setup your teams tactics, pick & bans to counter your opponents' game plan before each match. Explore the tactical set up later on. Let's get on stage and watch how our players do. First up,we see which champions were banned by both sides.
Hint & Tips
1. A golden highlight means our player got their favorite champion, giving them a huge boost. A white highlight indicates the player at least knows how to play this class. That's a smaller boost.
2. At the beginning of each phase the tactics set by the coaches are compared. The most powerful will have the initiative. Having the initiative during a phase means a team will impose their game on the opponent. But it won't help without good execution.
3. Even with a perfect pre-match setup, sometimes you need to adapt on the fly. YOu can switch tactics for the next phase during the game. The other coach can switch tactics in the game as well, resulting in an 'unexpected tactic'. The challenge is in understanding when that might happen and counter accordingly.
4. Keep track of gold, kills, and towers of both teams in the header above. A green light next to the team name menas the other coach's online and watching too. The teams are about to challenge the Hydra, and objective that provides a powerful boost.
RIVALS - Esports MOBA Manager Tactics
Caution tactic - players play cautiously and avoid enemy engagements. The jungler mainly defends against opponent ganks.
Hunt - players group up and hunt down singled out enemies and actively seek a team fight if the enemy is grouped up. We can press our advantage with a more aggressive tactic. But careful, if the other coach's watching he might regain the initiative by switching to a counter himself if it's too predictable.
RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager Team
Solver your daily tasks for more rewards and open up new opportunities for your team. Check the tasks by tapping on them for descriptions. I'll let you explore the game now, but why don't you get started with training players? You can do this by: transfer market - hire new players with higher skill than your current ones; training - start mechanics or personality sessions to increase your player's skill; hack tools menu - use cheats codes.
Training your players will improve their stats and ultimately your team power. There are different types of training, but for now we will start by improving the mechanical attributes of your players. Buying stronger players on the transfermarket is a good way to improve your overall teampower. Don't forget to move your new players from the reserve to the active team roster.
Each of your players has limited condition which is consumed by various activities. Condition also influences player power when playing matches. Make sure to upgrade your setup. When you want to learn more about any settings, click the info button in the top left of the element.
Scrim matches allow your team to increase its team play bonus and obtain rewards. Playing many scrim matches a day will at some point reduce the condition of your players.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date17 October 2020
Last Modified17 October 2020
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