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Free hack RIVALS cheats code list - penta tokens, level up, fans, promo ticket, coins, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. RIVALS cheat world: staff also has rarities that influence their performance and the time they take to complete projects. Let’s continue to the training facility. Upgrading the training facility allows you to increase your maximum tactic level, enabling higher tactic power. You can hire coaches which create specialized training plans. Unlike basic plans, these training plans allow you to choose the player stats to train or increase the level of your tactics.


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Let’s start to build our staff by signing a coach. Tap an empty staff slot to go to the transfer market. Here you can sign players and staff. Icons above the portraits indicate the player’s position and the staff’s job type. Staff will only work with us for a set amount of time. Always check their contract leght against the hiring cost. Freely customize all aspects of your team and tap save when you’re done! You can always change things up later.

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In the gaming house, you will find daily tasks to complete and provide you with even more rewards to build up your team. I’ll remind you to important events during the day. Visit the settings menu to change what you’ll be notified about.
The league is filled with teams of other coaches just like you, trying to make it to the top. Currently, we’re in the lowest tier of pro esports, win it and you’ll rise up into the upper league levels. Whenever you need more help, tapping on certain game elements will provide you with hints.

It’s on you to lead your team to victory and build an esports powerhouse. Prepare for the matches and you’ll do well! Your office provides you with the basic income that fuels your team. It allows you to hire different kinds of managers as well that provide you with cash, penta tokens or fans depending on which type of manager you hire to work for you.
The higher your office level the more basic income it generates and the more slots if offers for you to hire more personell.

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  • Mechanics coaches help your players to improve their gaming skills. They create training plans which improve the mechanics stats of your players.
  • Recreation - recreational activities replenish your players condition.
  • Play scrim matches to claim fans and improve your team play bonus.
  • Train with 5 or more players to improve your tactics.

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  • Unleash the full potential of your dream team by signing star players on the transfer market and training promising talent
  • Create your own eSports legacy by acquiring the best sponsorship deals, skilled coaching staff and building a show-off gaming house

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