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The hero menu is a menu that helps you manage mercenraries, upgrade, recruitment and block skills. The wings used to register heroes can only be reincarnated. But the benevolent God gives you wings to use the hero to use heroes once the hero is hired.

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In the dungeon menu you can get cloth, leather, iron, minerals that are used to buy and upgrade artifacts. Check the dungeon time of the material if you have the time to enter the dungeon.
You activated the quest? Quest is the main source of income for gold coins. If you touch the icon of an active mission, you can acquire goods for that mission over time. If you activate auto, you do not have to start the task.

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The artifact menu is a menu to help you manage artifacts, upgrade, and purchase. The material you need to buy artifacts can be obtained from dungeons. If you have the necessary artifacts, try to acquire the materials from the dungeon. Also, like hero, if you succeed in purchasing, you will be able to return the materials used in the sacred curiosity.
In the battle system, you can perform PvP, daily ranking battle, challenge tower (magic tower) and reward rankings according to PvP ranking and daily ranking. Challenge towers, players can challenge each day according to different floors, you can get the corresponding rewards.

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