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Free hack Road to Valor cheats code list - speed up, elite crates, skill points, promo ticket, promotion, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Road to Valor cheat world: General, thank you for taking part in this training battle. I am your adjutant, cheat-on at your service, sir. Training battles simulate like real battle, but against a virtual enemy. Please attention to the battlefield. Enemy infantry units are approaching@ Deploy riflemen to stop them. Units deployed on the battlefield will appear through the nearest road. Please provide fire support by deploying a 60mm martal team, effective at taking out large numbers of infantry. You’ve dealt enemy a serious blow! Continue deploying units to destroy the enemy HQ.

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An enemy tank has been sighted! Deploying and respond an anti tank gun, as it is effective at enemy armored units. An enemy sniper is trying to take out friendly anti tank gun! Please command Willis MB jeep to prioritize taking out sniper. Designate an enemy unit as your deployment point; your units will prioritize damaging the designated enemy unit.

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Deploy your airborne units, which can be deployed immediately anywhere on the battlefield. Artillery support - calls in 3 105 mm M101 Howitzer rounds to the designated coordinates. Artillery shells will fall randomly within a certain distance from the designated coordinates. As you have just seen, your active skill mean the difference between victory and defeat in battle. Please make sure you make good use of your active skill in the battles to come.

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