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Roads of Rome New Generation 2 cheat world: the roman empire prospered in place and serenity. Its residents cultivated field, prayed to the gods, built cities and hoped that peace would never end. Dark shadow of the past ascended in the distance. A young leader of the Vikings, strong and thirsty for revenge, gathered a new squad and invaded the lands of the Roman Empire to avenge his father defeated by victorius. Alarmed by the sudden invasion, the Emperor commanded to prepare troops, worried, but at the same time feeling overwhelmingly proud of his son, he puts markus in charge of the campaign.

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Indeed, one can think of no one who could be a better leader for this mission. And while the troops were getting ready, Markus was spending the last moments of his peaceful life saying goodbuy to his beloved. Valeria was upset because she could not participate in the battle and just watched as the army that was led my Markus and encouraged by the upcoming feats was embarking on their journey. Valeria decided to get herself appointed for a post in the campaign and persuaded her father to allow her to join the rearguard of the army so that she could rebuild the settlements destroyed by the Vikings and build roads on the distant frontiers of the empire. After a long journey, Valeria and her squad finally approached the lands that the Vikings had invaded. Her goal was getting closer and closer....

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There are many destroyed settlements further down, and you won't find any roads there. We will help residents of the empire. This is why we are here. You need to start building the road. Click on the segment to send a worker there. You can find hidden caches with a question mark on the levels. Some of them are carefully hidden from the eye. Please try to find another one and don't despair if you can't find them all the first time.

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You can cancel the scheduled action while the worker is on his way. Click on the segment again and send the worker to complete a new task. Pick berries from bushes to supply your camp with food. Before you can build the next segment of the road, you need to remove the obstacle. Some resources may be on the ground. Lift the boards, and you will have a full supply of wood.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:You might run into priests on the way. Help them with resources, and the road will be free. A carrier pigeon is flying to see you from Rome. It is bringing you important information about possible building upgrades. Your workers set up camp at the first stop. You must collect resources to build the road.

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