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Game story:
Pet: Yay! Now that we caught our arch enemy DR. Terrible, we can finally head back home to the present and lock him up in Time Jail.
I think something’s wrong, we’re experiencing some space time distortions. Is this normaL? WHo used the microwave during the flight? You can’t use the microwave during a flight! It knock the machine off course! Brain, have you still really not read the instructions?
Our time machine broke down, stranding us in an unknown time on an unknown beach, and you’re in here napping?

Roads of time hack

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As always, Brian is underestimating the complexity and danger of our situation. We’re stuck in an unknown time, perhaps in an unsafe area. lso, Dr. Terrible escaped who knows where, which is a whole other story. I’ll have to take control of things once again and find the resources we need to live while Brian swims and slowly realizes there won’t be any cocktails. I can’t help Brian if my batteries are dead, i need to get myself some crystals.

Roads of time cheats, hack codes

Top bar - here are your available resources. Pit is blocking the way to the crystal mine? Send a robot to fill it. But to do that, you’ll need stones. We can also build a quarry to upgrade our crystal mines. Now gather enough stone and upgrade one of the crystal mines. We’ll need some help from the locals to work the mine. Let’s build them a hut. Now the locals can help us produce resources. Send one of them to the mine to gather crystals.
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Also, i wrote down some hints so you never forget what you’re doing. Quest menu- here you can check out all your current goals. Third eye - you can expand your field of vision by minimizing the goal and resource menus. You can queue several actions at once, and cancelling any of them is easy. The faster you get things done, the more stars you earn. If you upgrade the time machine, we can build another robot to speed up our work. Send one to fix the road and the other to gather crystals.

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