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Your aim is to defeat enemies and progress through stages. To move, hold down the pad in the desired direction. Try flying your ship towards the pink arrow in the centre of the screen. Hold down the attack pad (flashing green) to fire your weapons and destroy the enemy ship. Your ship was damaged in the fight - repair it with the nanobots (flashing pink). The compass displays nearby objects. The map shows a wider view. Tap the cross (top right) to close. Open the inventory (top left flashing pink). You can view your items here including equipment and materials.

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hack Rogue Blast Galaxia Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Revenge Mk-1 (Beam Turret) - Fast-firing standart issue beam weapon designed to penetrate a wide variety of defenses with minimal energy use. The "Federation" are you allies (Blue on the compass). Fly to the nearby allied station. Tap the station to select it, then tap the "Dock" button. Tap the equipment dealer (flashing pink). Equipment - Here you can buy equipment such as turrets, shields or consumables.

cheat Step #2: Fuel - Enables ships to travel between the stars via the galaxy map. Nanobots - Automated robots able to repair and maintain damaged ship components during combat. Protector Mk-1 - Energy Shield. Standart-issue shield providing basic protection against enemy attacks.

code Step #3:You must be docked with a station to equip items. While still in the equipment dealer, tap on the "Sell/Equip" button. Select the "Protector Mk-1" shield again. Tap the "Equip" button to equip the shield. You now have a shield equipped. Close the equipment dealer (top right). Shields protect from damage also using energy points to recharge (top left).

Rogue Blast Galaxia Step #4: Now tap the materials dealer (flashed pink). Salvaged materials can be bought or sold here. Materials are used to craft consumable items for a combat boost. Material - Metals with strong and resistant properties. Use to craft items or sell for credits. Salvaged from debris or crates.

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  • Hound - Light Fighters are small ships which prioritise speed and agility over armor and damage output.
  • Purchase ship tokens to obtain new ships to boost your combat effectiveness. You keep ships and ship tokens permanently even if you lose a run.
  • To progress through the game, you must travel across the stars. Tap on the navigation menu (flashing pink). Each stage of the game generates a new set of stars. Your current location is indicated by the blue moving ship. Tap the next star in the sequence. Travelling to stars requires fuel from your inventory. Tap "Warp" (top right) to use 1 fuel and fly to the selected star. Your ship will now warp to the next region.
  • Note: you are vulnerable to enemies while your engines are charging. You have arrived in an enemy region. Eliminate all the enemies to continue (for now you will take no damage). Well done, defeating enemies provides loot and helps you level up. Open the ship menu (left) to spend your new attribute point.
  • You can choose to enhance your combat, defense, agility or energy attributes up to 50 levels. Spend all your attribute points now (right). You will notice a slight increase to your chosen attributes.
  • Now tap the "Skill" menu. You can spend skill points to unlock crafting or other abilities for combat or defense. We will discuss crafting shortly - for now, close the ship menu (top right).
  • Sensor Cloak Mk-1 - Unlocks the ability to craft the Sensor Closk Mk-1 item which can be used during combat.
  • In addition to purchasing items, you can also craft them using materials. To open the crafting menu, first tap the inventory. Tap on the crafting menu (pink button). You need materials to craft the nanobots. You already have these, so tap "Craft". As your progress through the stages, enemies increase in difficulty.
  • Open the navigation menu to fly to the final star in this stage. You will notice that after each warp, enemies move in from the left. Being caught in this zone is very dangerous and may result in your destruction.
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