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Commander! As you order, i’ll next AO. Please place an angel for carrying out operation with you. Characters: SungYeon Baek - was an ordinary parttime studen when she lost her family to the Arachnids during the invasion. She applied to Abyss to become an active elite. Pinea - she was a member of regional defense. The day Arachnids invaded, all of colleague were destroyed, except her. After the invasion, she was scouted by Abyss for her outstanding potential. Patricia - her father was an executive for the Lizvia Branch of Abyss. There has been no sign in sight for when the invasion will end. She went to the battlefield to fight for her father’s honor as well as her own.

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Captain, we’ve distanced ourselves from the pirates. But we have to prepare for battle again before they track us down. Immediately complete tasks that has a bit of time left. The Zete Smelter is activated and you’ve completed your itinerary. Go to your itinerary to collect your reward. Access your itinerary and your progress through the itinerary menu on the bottom of the main menu. make sure to keep an eye on your progress. Zete is the most basic resource in the universe. The Zete smelter produces zete after a period of time. Collect the zete you have produced.

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Use the zete to reinforce your mothership and secure crew members. I will construct a ship to prepare for battle. As you are aware, you have to activate the dock first to construct your ships. Use an acceleration item to complete construction now. The item has been prepared for you. Use any module, research, construction item once daily quest completed.
Captain, some of the enemies have retreated but there are some pirates that are still around. Recovering from battle should be our priority. We have to supplement the crew. There could be a lot of problems with our defense strategy. We just got word that the support troops are nearby. We can join them as soon as we find them.
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usually exploration depends on luck but with solid information, we can expect good results. We’ll proceed with the exploration. Galaxy exploration for firepower type crew explore SS grade crew members. A variety of crew members across the universe awaits.
Captain, we’ve detected an enemy battleship is preparing for an attack. Launching a preemptive attack now would help us avoid damage. But, before we launch a preemptive attack, we need to move the mothership. To move the mothership, go to activate the HSE engine. To operate your warp equipment, you have to refill your HSE. The HSE that was refilled is indicated on the screen.

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On the manage fleet menu, you can construct, modify, or dismantle your fleets. Fleets without any crew members on the ships cannot go into combat. The bridge does not have additional functions but, the higher the level of the bridge, the more control you have of the mothership. Enables you to add more modules and reinforce those modules. 8NrJeW - supply box
KJi8zk - treasure chest
S1iAzc - multiplayer
QeoyeB - vip status
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Hack xFPR1n - artifacts
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