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If you are reading this scroll, know it has found you for a reason. Yours is a trial by fire. I am sorry I cannot be more gentle. This scroll has now bound you to your task. You have survived your first test. This means you are ready for training! I have created a magical rift, a place hidden from our enemies. You'll find some help to improve your skills. I would teach you myself, but I must stay hidden. The council is watching me. Have faith – you are capable of more than you realize. Drop armor in the slots around your avatar to equip them and protect yourself. Combat statistics are based on which weapons and armor are equipped. The backpack is a handy place to store any items you find on your adventures. Drop weapons and items on the shortcut bar so you can quickly equip and use them during combat. Swords indicate combat mode, during combat mode actions occur one at a time.

Rogue Wizards cheats android, ios hack codes

Rogue Wizards –  hack codes
This is Antarit – a secret area in Rilfanor, hidden from the wizards guild by magic. A wizard named Hosperak has taken over the guild council. He's breaking the laws of Rilfanor, stealing power from the six elemental realms. Hosperak is violating the balance of elemental magic. The boundaries between the realms have weakened, and rifts are opening all over Rilfanor. Dangerous creatures are invading through the rifts in the world's fabric, but Hosperak cares more for power than the lives of banlits. Tap on runes to acquire new spells or upgrade existing spells. Tap the supply depot to open up the shop and sell unwanted gear.

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Rogue Wizards –  cheats secret bug
Story – casual game with quest driven storyline and town. Respawn in town if you die where the quest can be restarted. Gauntlet – advanced game of increasingly difficult dungeon crawl without the town or story. Death is permanent. Switching weapons or drinking potions uses up a turn during combat. There are 6 schools of magic: fire, earth, sky, nature, ice, and cosmic. Tap backpack to open your inventory. Some dungeons contain cauldrons that let you craft more potions. You can skip your turn by pressing this pass button. Switch active weapons and use items on this shortcut bar. Tap enemies to attack. When enemies are near crossed swords appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Higher difficulty dungeons yield better items. Always carry plenty of materials for your spells. Fireball – hurl a ball of fire dealing fire damage with a chance to ignite the location and burn for 4 turns. Increase your attributes when you gain a level. Equip spells using the spellbook. Materials can also be used to craft items.

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1. zmsXpsAEZy - keys
2. But1kp4AD9 – unlimited stamina
3. xvw1ZO2RSA - gems
4. yVSn8hrdvu – gold coins
5. h8fD643suM – epic weapon
6. ofJFQc8FVb - runes
7. VjeZRs9Mzx – offline game
8. 5t9bFHuY07 - materials

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