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Cheat Roguelike RPG Offline hack android, ios code

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Roguelike RPG Offline Cheats
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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Tap to move to area or to interact with the object. Tap on the bag to open your inventory. Tap on the item twice to equip it or drag it to your character image.
It's time to test your skills. Try whacking some of the big rats in rooms. Don't forget to check the chests, barrels and sacks, that you'll find along the way. You can find gold, some useful items and rare artefacts.
Updated quests can be viewed in journal.
I need help to save the Master. He got caught in the magical trap while trying to deal with a very powerful monster. Now we need to finish what he started. If we manage to do it then the magic will weaken and he can free himself. We will need brute force in this task and you've shown your prowess with weapons. Embark on the adventure when you're ready. The master was trapped on the fifth floor, we need to get there and save him.
Roguelike RPG Offline Hint & tips
1. You can use the potion from your inventory or quick access panel. With potions, you can replenish health and mana even during battle.
2. You can keep roaming through the dungeon. Once you found the exit you can always come back to it automatically.
3.Temporary items have been transformed to dust.
3. You can upgrade your items in the forge.
4. To switch between inventory and equipped items use the arrows.
5. Scout your enemies before the fight, learn their weaknesses and strengths, To get this crucial information about them, press and hold while highlighting the monster.
Here you can replenish your stamina, upgrade your equipment, use hack tools, cheats codes and get some potions before the adventure. You can come back to camp at any moment.
You need to prepare. Take resources: dust, magic stone and gold. Make sure to check out the forge to upgrade your equipment before you go, it's really important.
Every type of weapon has two skill trees - for main hand and off hand.
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Hack Release Date02 September 2020
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