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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass. ROHAN M cheat list, hack: crone, rune essence, armor grow stones, materials, legendary items, summon glorious accessories, costume, crests, ruby, pets, mileage, scroll.

4.Select zone
6.Character stats
7.enhance menu
9.Hint (tips & triks)
10.Gift codes

ROHAN M Create character:
Human knight - knights boast high vitality and defense and excel at close quarters combat. Weapons used: sword, shield, dagger.
Half elf (archer) - archers boast high attack speed and long range, darting through the battlefield and picking off prime targets. Weapons used: bow, crossbow.
Dark elf (mage) - mages wield a number of offensive spells and buffs, and they excel in large scale battles. Weapons used: wand, staff.
Dhan assassin - assassins excel at sneaking through the front lines using Hide to pick off prime targets or distract the enemy. Weapons - dagger, katar.
Use cheats codes - unlock new race.

ROHAN M cheats, hack codes

1. FHtoeQwl - crone
2. 9CTtwpro - rune essence
3. Enter hack MlrSfu2w - armor grow stones
4. Pass 3Cpwzl0W - materials
5. ASGsOHEZ - legendary items
6. Enter IXLCm3ay - summon glorious accessories
7. r6kmyWQ6 - costumes & crests
8. 3FrXhw7p - ruby
9. MEPUsVIE - pets
10. QgcktHe0 - mileage
11. rOhJstYn - scroll of: growth, greed, haste (bound)

ROHAN M Controls: use the directional pad to move your character. You can also touch a point on the field to move your character. Move your hero to the target location. Touch quest bar to complete the quest. Touch the move “now” button to teleport to the target location. Touch the basic attack button to attack nearby enemies. Touch the Auto button to use the auto combat feature. Touch the mini map to open the world map. You can teleport to places all over Rohan using the world map: Einhorn, Del Lagos, Shileynth, Varvylon, Dharvegawan. Select zone: Einhorn (monster level 1-99): the survivors of the ancient war against the gods have rebuilt Einhorn into the fortress city it is now. HP, MP continuously recovers at Einhorn. Use cheat ROHAN M code - unlock all locations.

Play time event: play more and get more rewards> You can claim paytime rewards based on playing time. Playtime rewards are rest every day at midnight and may only be claimed once per account.
Daily reward package - daily costume: receive 1 costume box every day; weapon growth - receive 20 normal weapon growth stones every day; hack daily crone - receive 100k crone every day; rune - receive 10 of each of the 5 types of rune essence every day; armor growth - 40 normal armor grow stones.
Level packages - can only be claimed once per account.
Guide event - guide mission rewards can be claimed once per character.

ROHAN M stats: Open the character information menu. Touch the stats information tab. When your character level up, you can allocate bonus stats here. STR - physical attack (melee), physical defense, wight limit, accuracy. DEX - physical attack (ranged), accuracy, physical attack penetrate. INT - magic attack, magic defense, Magic attack penetrate. VIT - physical defense, magic defense, MAX HP, weight limit. AGI - p. attack (melee + ranged), evasion, accuracy. WIS - magic (attack, defense, resistance), maximum health points.

Free enhance cheats codes: item that are +5 or higher can’t be enhanced. Free enhancement is available once per day. Select the equipment you want to enhance and enter hack password.

Game menu: shop, general shop, bag, notice, menu, level up, enhance, forge, cheat, code, combine forge stones, spirit stone, accessory trade, quest, skill, rune, costume, pet, market, crafting, hit list, ranking, dungeon, guild, friend, daily loding, mail, black market, official webpage.

ROHAN M gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Assassins can activate assassin mode at field dungeons by using mode change.
  • 2. You require ancient forge stone when forging ancient equipment.
  • 3. Enhancing passive skill will enhance your character as well as skill effects.
  • 4. You can improve your character's basic ability by growing rune.
  • 5. The experience you gain by fighting enemies will make you stronger. As you grow stronger, you’ll be able to take on veen fiercer enemies.
  • 6. Mystery box - you can use honor coins to obtain rare to heroic accessions. Obtain items rare - heroic accessories.
  • 7. Register buff scroll in a quick slot for automatic use.

Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
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