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upgrade cheat - #FMvhyFeLb
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fix bags - #cAJFYPzEd
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Game Story
Through a series of rounds, each player places tiles into their space empire. First tile both costs 3 and is worth 3 victory points (VPs). First tile gain a genes (green) die into your cup when you place this world. Once a player has build 12 tiles, the game will end, or if the VP pool is exhausted, the game will end. Whichever comes first.
Each player begins with a unique set of tiles and workers. The double tile in your empire is your faction and the single tile is your starting world. Tap to inspect your faction.
Roll for the Galaxy Hack Basics
Galactic religion gives you a bonus for cyan workers. Tap an opponent summary to see their faction. Your opponent may want to focus on green workers. Each player starts with two white workers in their citizenry, and three white workers in their cup. And any workers their starting faction and world provide. Finally, each player starts with one credit. Your unique setup may help you determine a strategy.
Hint & Tips
1. A round starts with all players rolling dice from their cups in secret. DIce represent workers.
2. Workers assignment is how players take actions every round.
3. Each player locks in one phase that is guaranteed to happen. Lock in the settle phase by dragging any of your workers to the settle lock.
4. Worker assignments are revealed simultaneously, including which phases have been locked in. if it had been a two player game, an additional phase is also locked in at random.
5. The more workers you've assigned to explore, settle, or ship, the more actions you'll have during each of these phases.
Horse Ranch Construction
The construction area is where you will get new tiles to later place into your empire. During setup, all players draw two starting tiles. Each tile has a development and a world side. One starting tile must be assigned to the development construction zone. And the other is assigned to the world construction zone. Drag the development right, to the world construction zone to flip it over. Tap done to commit your construction zone choices. Tiles queued in your construction zone can later be placed in your empire.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date22 September 2020
Last Modified22 September 2020
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