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Hello there! I’m Cheat-on, the maintenance worker who called you about restoring Eagleland park. I was so excited when i heard you bought this place! This park means a lot to me, and it’s been abandoned for years. Now that you’re here, we can finally turn these ideas into reality! Let’s get to work! I’ll be teaching you how to play the game. This is your game board, it is full of pieces. Pieces travel along tracks. You can slide pieces along their track by tapping and dragging along the track.

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Did you notice how the track loops? As a piece enters the tunnel on one end, it will exit out of the other end. When 3 or more matching pieces connect to one another, they pop and are removed from the board. Let’s try making a match with the highlighted pieces. Matching pieces don’t have to connect in a row. A piece can match with any adjacent pieces. Matches of 4 or more pieces will spawn a booster piece. Left menu - your objectives are displayed here. For this level, your goal is to pop the remaining red ribbons.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Story cheats, hack codes

Be careful through! YOu have a limited number of moves to complete the objective. You’ll get bonus coins like that every time you finish a match 3 puzzle and still have swaps left over. The more swaps you have left over the more bonus coins you will get when you finish.
Let’s begin our restoration by clearing the brush in front of the park’s entrance. The ground here is in bad shape. We should fill these cracks and start repairing this area!
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If you match 5 of the same type of piece, you’ll get a ballon piece. A ballon explodes in a 3 piece radius. Tpa on it to set it off. Sometimes you’ll come across horizontal tracks. To move these tracks, tap and drag left and right. Match 6 of the same piece to get a fireworks bundle. Tap the fireworks bundle to set off a huge explosion! This piece will clear out a full row and column.
Top menu - these are your balloons. If you fail a level you’ll lose one. It takes time for more to appear.

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