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Free hack Romance of the Three Kingdomscheats code list - gold, resources, evolve, promo ticket, summon general, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Romance of the Three Kingdoms cheat world: towards the end of the later Han, eunuchs and the consort clan fought over power in the court. The people lived in misery. Zhang Jiao from Julu sought this opportunity and staged a rebellion with his millions of followers. Warlords exloited the situation and began to fight for themselves. The entire country rose up in flames. A chaotic era began.

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We'll attack and take the city! There should be loads of treasures awaiting. The enemy is charging in full fury. We've called for aid from lord Liu Bei. But without reinforcements, the city will be in serious danger. In battle, after a set time, strategies become available for use.

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My Lord, you have earned your fame! It's time to raise your flag and march out to fight. Warrior - no regrets even the ground is dyed red by blood. Dream big that the whole world will be conquered. Mage - bodly we cast all restraints aside. With shiming spears and armored horses we fight to take all the lands. Priest - look back with a smile and the whole world would be bewilder. Flip the hand and heaven and earth would be overturned. Assassin - who said a lady can't be conferred a rank of nobility? Gallop on the battlefield for a decade to defend the country.

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Choose a force to join so you can gain a better foothold in the this chaotic era: Shu, Wei, Wu. The city has avoided being totally destroyed, yet there is much to do to help it rebuild. Currently the city is short of resources. First, you must build structures for gathering resources. As needed, various types of resource structures can be built in empty slots in the city. Food, iron, stone, and wood are essential resources for a city's development. First, let's produce some food by creating some farmland.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: activity quests and plot attempts are refreshed at midnight daily. Join up with an army to start getting army bonuses as soon as possible. Recruiting soldiers requires grain. I heard warriors can be recruited in the tavern. Let's make a trip and look for capable talents. If just a few more troops gather at the camp, you will be able to send your generals into battle. Your generals are anxious to head into battle. If you increase recruitment speed, they'll be able to march soon.
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Tutorial Romance of the Three Kingdoms(wiki): recover 1 stamina every 6 minutes. Recover marching order every 60 minutes. Defend against enemy attackers from the city walls and protect our state's resources from being damaged. In a battle, a general's fury builds up gradually. Once full, tap the general's avatar to release his skill.
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