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Game Story
Welcome to game of warfare and adventure where four unique factions struggle for control over the vast woodlands. In first scenario, you will play as the ambitious Marquise de Cat. Long before they became the military and industrial powerhouse they are today, the Marquise came to the forest with a small band of warriors and a few modest buildings. I hear the flapping of wings in the distance. Move quickly to establish your hold on the forest before your feathery foes the Eyrie arrive. Move a warrior into a neighboring clearing to expand your rule.
Root Board Game Hack Basics
Each clearing has a "suit" representing the community of creatures living there. When you use the march action, you get to make 2 moves.
Your sawmills generate 1 wood at the start of your turn. Wood is used to create buildings. Let's build a recruiter to get more warriors into the forest. Use the recruit action to place a warrior at each of your recruiter buildings. Spread out your warriors to rule more clearings. After three actions, the day has finished for the mighty Marquise.
Hint & Tips
1. Our warriors will surely triumph over these vile birds. Select battle to fight them off.
2. In battle, two dice are rolled with sides 0-3 to determine hits. The attacker has the advantage. They take the higher die, leaving the defender with the lower one.
3. Each player can deal no more hits than the number of warriors they have in clearing of battle.
4. For each hit, an enemy piece is removed from the map, starting with warriors. Your total hits are added up and displayed below.
5. The Eyrie have built a roost that can recruit more of their warriors. YOu must attack and destroy it before their flock becomes too strong!
6. You rolled a number that was higher than the number of warriors you have in this clearing. That means the hits you earned for your die roll were reduced to your number of warriors here.
Your enemy is defenseless since they have no warriors to protect them. This means you get to deal an extra hit. Extra hit are not limited by the number of warriors in the clearing of battle, so a single warrior could deal multiple hits.
Root Board Missions
The invading Marquise de Cat wishes to exploit the Woodland, using its vast resources to fuel her economic and military machine. She scores Victory points (VP) by constructing buildings in the woodland. In a typical game the first player to score 30 wins! When you start a game as the marquise de cat, you place your keep in one of the corner clearings. The keep is cornerstone of your kingdom. Enemies may not build or place pieces in the clearing with your keep, but they can move there.
The Marquise army greatly outnumbers the other factions. You start with a warrior in every clearing except the one in the corner opposite your keep. Finally, you must place one of each building in the clearing with your keep or any adjacent ones.
Root Board Buildings
At the start of Daylight, you have an opportunity to craft cards from your hand using workshops. You may review the text of cards in your hand by holding your finger on them. The cost to craft a card is shown on the wooden board below its suit.
Each workshop contributes its clearing's suit towards playing crafting costs. Workshops allows you to craft cards in your hand. Sawmills produce wood to help you build more buildings. Recruiters, as you know, help you recruit warriors.

We may have lost the fight, but as long as your keep still stands, we can heal fallen warriors with field hospitals. Discard a card that matches the suit of the clearing where your warriors were defeated to return them to your keep. You can review special abilities unique to your faction like field hospitals by tapping on your avatar.
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