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In the not so distant future, humanity has charted a vast majority of the galaxy, with the aid of an alien co-operate known as Muranians. However, a human military organization - the Terran conglomerat - desired supremacy over the other races. They attacked Muranian colonies to subjugate their former allies, slaughtering millions in their path.
Unable to ignore these atrocities, top human scientists and former military personnel smuggled Muranian refugees to a distant planet. They joined forces to build giant machines to combat the injustices and restore peace in the galaxy.

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Titans: Behemoth - is a slow tank like mech that makes up for its lack of speed with high defense and resistance to heat damage. Special attack: rage - enhance the defensive capabilities of the Behemoth and deal double damage from your weapons.
Phoenix - is a medium sized mech with the ability to fly. It utilizes fast weapons with homing capabilities making it suitable for faster combat. Special attack: homing barrage - unleash a barrage of missiles that seek nearby enemies.

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Hello and welcome! You must be the volunteers global control centre told me about! I’m Robbie and we have some important - we’ve got titans to save! I’m you’ve already been briefed, but it seems the global control centre was hacked and it also means there’s no time to waste! Robots is built specially to rescue and reprogram malfunctioning assistants! But between you and me, this will be his very first rescue mission. We’re really going to need your help!
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Desert planet - chased by the terran. Conglomerate forces across space, the Rebels were running low on resources. The Titans were dispatched on a remote planetoid to gather energy crystals as fuel to replenish their reserves.
Controls: Hold the shoot button to attack your selected weapon. Drag the shoot button up and down to aim. When you pick up a new gun you can press the switch button to change between your two gun slots. Phoenix can fly by holding up on the joystick whilst airborne. And shoots our homing missiles.

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