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Cheat Rossum's Mirror hack android, ios code

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Hack Rossum's Mirror: cheat List
umbras construction x10 - use hack F736AjzTA
shards x50 - enter pass ZLThSThaC
florens x100,000 - kNs1OHQRO
season card - fSwbgnEfe
diamonds x3000 - 2YZ1wSgW9
tournament pass - KMHZPeiwG
Month Card x1 code - EV20YKtNj
upgrade cheat - htiTw9XKB
daily gift bag x10 - iuSGaRmdq
secret combination - FA8BJEQOa
level up - ICKWeJdc6
special gene x2000 - dyAipNC5y
premium wish token - vUnEx6VvC
promote - 0GEFTfhJG
Evo capsules - s9HYUduG9
star up - Y132MrIUr
skins - uHdwaV56c
special reward - eK11JKSjs
How & Where enter
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Game Story
Captain, feeling better? If there's anything that hurts, please let me know! Please allow me to show you around our basic facilities and other features. Let's head to the construction room to construct a hero. To kick things off, we have construction. Many hands make light work. A competent party will carry out missions efficiently! It's time to construct your own party. basic genetic constructor is a mass production device designed to alleviate shortage of manpower. It is able to create a huge amount of low, mid end clones without special diagrams. Sometimes, it creates powerful heroes, but don't put your expectation too high. It's a pragmatica solution when you're running low on resources.
Rossum's Mirror Hack Basics
Next up, that's right, formation! Let's get an overview of the basics. Let's go fight in a dungeon. Heroes gain energy whenever they land or receive damage. When the energy gauge fills up, they'll cast active skills. While you're absent, your parry will continue with training simulation and earn you XP, fund and items. Bear in mind, every hero needs training. You may enhance their abilities through leveling, advancing, and other methods.
Hint & Tips
1. Primacy construction - the most primitive construction machine, there is a low probability of a 5 star hero.
2. You can use hero shard to construct hero.
3. You can get tons of hero enhancement item after you disband extra heroes.
4. You can use constructor of you have advanced diagram.
5. Evo capsule - used to increase the hero's quality.
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Rossum's Mirror Redeem gift code
1. nbDTZ8cHGckI7HF
2. ikYdTi23yAZFjKB
3. 6iLEGEU2kjtETXi
4. WKPoVmiOTSk1wqs
5. rrOcigiTqstZZEF
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date04 October 2020
Last Modified04 October 2020
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