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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Royal Crown Cheats
10 lucky chest:clever deer, cowboy welsh corgi, gentle harp seal, night shadow Bella, Bodyguard Morgan, Red caped Violent, Black mage Spark, Pirate captain Alicia. lovely doll Sonya - #RQnJGeHTJ
5000 diamonds - #nv81e7TXA
100000 gold - #t3rPmelj2
bonus crate - #bbKPVQDR1
invisible - #jTSR77tep
increase attack speed - #RHGqE3Akb
1 Month Card code - #uwjrvRHX6
upgrade cheat - #tjb9XJApb
restore health - #Cobf9mNA8
skins - #ravxrQ5Hs
secret combination - #FvHrc0XnN
level up - #uBL0zcaNA
unlimited mana - #9Ym5HWhFs
booster - #GlUrdJyoE
glider - #o9BDl6Uyr
mount - #yAry7rPcm
trail - #dKaBO65to
season battle pass - #xoFHxhllO
3000 crowns - #5szTFMeA5
special reward - #ZWqQQPv8M
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How to win - this is a battle royale game in which you must survive to the end to win. Use the directional buttons to travel to the destination. Get on the mount and ride it to the target. Open the chest to see what's inside. Approach nearby items to pick them up. Use basic attack to hunt monsters. You will gain skill points when leveling up. Use these to raise the level of a skill. use logging to obtain materials. Craft a log out of the materials you obtained. The log decreases the movement speed of hit targets by 50% for 1 second and knocks them back. An enemy champion appeared! Survive until the end and win the crown.
Royal Crown Hint&Tips
1. Accessories can only be acquired by crafting.
2. The craft window only displays items that can be crafted.
3. Dragons yield outstanding rewards, but are very powerful opponents.
4. Use emotions and sprays to show how you feel.
5. Use cheats codes, hack tools - give a battle pass to get all rewards up to the tier you played.
Flame totem - summons a totem that attack enemies. HP potion - restores 800 HP, takes 3 seconds to use. Mana potion - restores 200 mana, takes 1 second to use. Ward - sets a war that expands tha player's Protection scroll - creates a shield that prevents 325 damage. Invisibly potion - instantly makes the caster invisible for 10 seconds. Volatile bomb - sets a bomb that remains for 20 s. Corrosion - decreases the target's physical defense.
Morgan (warrior) skills:Soul absorption - detonates the energy of darkness to immediately deal magic damage and such in nearby souls. Restores HP by 30% of the damage dealt.
Assassin Violet - skill balde Fan: throws knives in three directions, each dealing physical damage and decreasing the movement speed of hit targets. The knives return after traveling a certain distance, dealing damage once more. Tow hook - throws an extending hook and moves toward the targeted area. When the hook hits an enemy it deals physical damage, pulls them to the caster, and stuns them. Additionally, if the next basic attack lands within 3s, the caster's attack speed will increase by 80%. The hook can be recast at no mana cost pf striking a wall.
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Royal Crown Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date06 September 2020
Last Modified06 September 2020
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